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Nailed it: How to Get the Perfect Wedding Nail Art

Your ring finger is certainly going to be getting the spotlight on your wedding day so make sure your nails look the part by using our top design tips and recommendations…

How to get the perfect 'at-home' mani:


1. Preparation is key - start with trimming your nails to your desired shape, then move on to filing and buffing to create a smooth base.

2. Using a base coat will help nourish and hydrate your nails. Shoreditch Nails'The Top + Base' is a 3-in-1 strengthening, top and base coat, ideal for a successful mani. 


3. Pick your shade - using a nude colour is the perfect base for nail art because you can build upon it with bright colours. We love 'Nude & Proud' from Nail Kind to achieve this style. 

4. Now, tidy up the edges using nail polish remover on a cotton bud to clean away any unwanted marks. Wait 5 minutes before you start designing to ensure the base is dry.

5. It's time for nail art! This is your chance to be creative. Whether you want to incorporate bold colours, shimmer or gemstones into your look, we’ve created the ultimate designs to help inspire you. We recommend investing in a dotting tool and a fine brush to help you create a precise design. Just dip into your desired shade and let your creativity flow!

Shoreditch Nails, The Dotting Tool

6. Finish your look with one layer of top coat, a glossy finish is our top pick for bridal nails. 

7. Massage a couple of drops of cuticle oil into your nails to hydrate and add shine. This will also add an extra barrier to protect your polish for the big day.

Enjoy your shiny new manicure and show off that glistening ring with pride 💍


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Passione Nails, Heart Glitter Stickers


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