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Sapling's Kind Spirits: your sustainable wedding option

Following Earth Day, we would like to propose a sustainable spirits brand which is changing the industry for the better. Sapling is taking big steps towards a more eco-friendly future, and when it comes to weddings, their Gin and Vodka are the perfect spirits your guests will enjoy.


Sapling Spirits is leading the way in sustainable drinking and also produces exceptional spirits, perfect for any special occasion. Here are a few of the eco-friendly reasons why you should have Sapling Spirits at the top of your list to stock the bar: 


Giving Back


Sapling is a great addition to your wedding day. By serving a bottle of Sapling during your wedding or by gifting your guests Sapling as a favour, you are planting a tree for every bottle. On each one, you have a unique code telling you about the location where the tree has been planted and the type of tree, so you can go home knowing you have made a difference and have a special wedding sapling growing somewhere in the country.

“Our climate-positive London Dry gin is bold on the juniper, refreshingly zesty, with hints of rosemary for a herbaceous finish.”

Whole-hearted Wrapping


Bottles are hugely carbon-intensive to create, so by eliminating glass waste, they reduce the carbon footprint by around 25%. For your special event, you can still get the best quality vodka or gin with Sapling’s eco boxes behind the bar. One eco box saves seven bottles from ever being created and easily caters to all your wedding needs. You can still have the beautiful glass bottles made of recycled glass displayed on-site and just refill them with the eco boxes throughout your event.

“The high starch content of the wheat leaves a fresh finish and a hint of natural sweetness that makes Sapling Vodka so easy to drink.”

Rooted Love


Just like relationships, Sapling is born in the most natural of ways. The sustainable process starts from the grain and Sapling, from the very beginning, have set their hearts on making sure they are being kind to the planet. The spirits come from organic and regenerative wheat, reducing transport emissions. All spirits are made in the UK, using farming methods which create healthier, living soil while capturing loads of CO2.


To find out more about Sapling Spirits, visit:



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