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Engagement Rings: The Complete Guide

When picking an engagement ring, there are a few details worth considering. Think about the style and, of course, which ring cut suits your partner best. To make this quest easier, here are the most popular ring styles and shapes.

The 2024 proposal season has officially commenced and with Valentine's Day just around the corner, popping the question is on many minds. The first question someone might ask is: "What kind of ring should I get my partner?". Well to make it easier, here is our guide on the most popular ring cuts and styles to secure a "Yes"!


Round Brilliant Ring

The most classic of them all - it remains the most popular on the market. This traditional sparkler is perfect to fit any style with its classic versatility, but its round form makes this cut stand out from the rest, making it the sparkliest diamond cut of them all.



Once, diamonds were the most sought-after gemstone. Nowadays, different gems are taking the world by storm. Emeralds, rubies and other precious coloured stones are becoming the trend in 2024. Out of all, the green-hued ring is the booming engagement style, which will continue to grow this coming year.


Oval-shaped Rings

Rising in popularity is the oval-shaped diamond. With just as many facets as the round-cut stone, there’s no need to compromise on brilliance. Many A-listers flaunt this style nowadays, and here's why, due to its original flair and oviform shape, it helps lengthen the finger. This is a revisited classic that you can customise as you please.


Princess-cut Ring

Well, who doesn’t want to feel like a princess on their wedding day? The princess-cut ring is one of the top favourites. Its large diagonal measurements make this diamond look bigger. And, if you didn't know, this style is less expensive than the traditional round brilliant, what's not to like?


Lab-Grown Diamonds

Sustainability is making headway in the wedding industry, and couples are finding ways to make their choices more eco-conscious. Lab-grown diamonds are the perfect alternative to traditional diamonds, and you won’t have to compromise on quality. Not only are they identical to their mined counterparts, but they are also friendlier on the planet and your wallet. For a vintage yet chic style, the emerald cut is a must.


The Celebrity Favourite

Celebrities love this design, as in many cases it appears larger than round diamonds thanks to its rectangular shape. Not only that, but this engagement ring is incredibly unique. Radiating light from all sides, this ring choice is ideal for those who love old-school glamour.


Pear-shaped Style

The pear-shaped engagement trend is definitely new to many, but if you take a better look at Instagram - it’s what all the influencers are flaunting. Seeking something special is not easy in our modern age, that’s why the pear-shaped stone, recalling tears of joy, is trending.


Alternative Look

Not everyone wishes to follow tradition. If you are a rule breaker, then this is your time to go all out. There are heaps of alternative designs that break the mould. From unusual shapes and styles to untraditional gems such as pearls, you’ll be amazed by the array of options in the jewellery world.


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