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Pinterest Wedding Trends for 2022

Bringing you popular wedding trends from Pinterest

As 2022 brings an influx of engagements and wedding planning, brides-to-be head to Pinterest for all their inspo needs. We got this information from, who collated the data showing what the newest wedding trends will be this year.


Vintage Wedding

Vintage weddings are in first place as the most pinned wedding trend with 630,700 total pins on Pinterest. With the popularity of period shows such as Bridgerton, this comes as no surprise, the classic, timeless style is a great choice for weddings.


Boho Wedding

Boho wedding style came second with 257,265 total pins on Pinterest, this has been a popular style in recent years as the mix of rustic, organic and eclectic styles makes this a perfect wedding style choice.


Destination Weddings

Destination weddings took a bit of a fall during the pandemic, but with opportunities for weddings abroad opening up again, couples are raring to get back on a plane and go to a warmer, sunnier climate. With a total of 218,370 total pins, this trend is one that will most likely stick around in the upcoming years.


Small Wedding Cake

Having a small wedding cake is popular in 2022, with 86,179 pins. A small wedding cake coincides with having a smaller, more intimate wedding, which has risen in popularity over the pandemic. The idea of having less guests and less extravagant weddings is a great choice for this year with the rise in micro weddings.


Alice in Wonderland Weddings


Alice in Wonderland themed weddings have gained popularity on Pinterest with 82,034 total pins. This is a whimsical wedding style that takes elements from the classic novel by Lewis Caroll. This is a wedding theme that never seems to go out of style.


Forest Wedding

In sixth place is the forest wedding style with 63,209 total pins on Pinterest. This one is a no brainer, with outdoor weddings being highly popular, we will be seeing a lot of forest weddings, especially this Spring and Summer.


Rural Wedding

This style is a bit loosely termed, but basically is a mix of rustic and country wedding style. This style has racked up an admirable 46,769 pins on Pinterest. Rural weddings are typically held in the countryside and/or in a barn, this style is perfect for a relaxed, homestead wedding.


Two-piece Wedding Dress

The two-piece wedding dress, otherwise known as bridal separates is a style that is also rising in popularity with 44,202 pins on Pinterest. As seen recently in NY Bridal Fashion Week, this style will be spotted a lot more in weddings this year.


Earthy-nature Inspired

With 27,018 pins, this style is proving to be a sought after wedding style. Incorporating natural elements and earthy tones, this kind of wedding is a beautiful affair.


Back Garden Weddings

Another outdoor theme, back garden weddings are rising in popularity with 24,970 pins on Pinterest. This theme incorporates, earthy, rural, boho and forest wedding style, it’s an amalgamation of all the trending wedding styles this year. It allows for you to create a romantic, fairytale feel for your wedding. You can choose to have this in your own back garden or choose back garden style wedding venues, making it a great choice for a more relaxed event.


Wedding Expert Stefan Gheorghe explains the trends for 2022:


"As couples have more flexibility on wedding planning this year, we will see more extravagant trends become popular. Given that restrictions have been lifted many will be keen to hold their nuptials in sunnier climes, including places, such as, Hawaii and the Caribbean. Moreover, many will be keen to make their wedding receptions more lavish than ever with intricate table pieces and dramatic flower displays that we see in Vintage and Boho inspired weddings. 


Although, as the results suggest, it is likely that intimate weddings are here to stay with small wedding cakes suggesting less is more for many in 2022! Currently we are seeing an influx of couples looking at creating a wedding with a more whimsical style. This is exemplified in the Alice in Wonderland trend by the use of rich patterns and palettes that remind us of all things quintessentially English. A big wedding theme that is sure to be a hit”

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