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The Accessory Trends to Know!

From statement earrings to sheer gloves, let's find out which accessories brides are loving at the moment!

Trends come and go, and we love seeing what comes back in style and what new rising traditions brides incorporate on their special day. When it comes to accessories, some make a sharp return, and new ones make a noticeable entrance. Let’s find out what’s in vogue this season!


Blusher Veil

Anne Barge, Blue Willow Spring 2024 Collection

If you thought veils were associated with tradition, then think again! Blusher veils, in particular, were used to keep the bride’s face hidden until she stood alongside her partner, but today, blusher veils have taken a completely new look. Designers have relaunched the style, and it has taken a modern spin. From 3D intricate detailing to long, dramatic pieces, there’s much to mesmerise. If you love a traditional veil but want to keep your style modern, a just-released blusher veil is the way to go. 



Alexandra Grecco, Lola Gloves, $682

Once a classic bridal add-on, gloves have a completely new feel this wedding season. There might be a bit of nostalgia, but each designer has made a new version of a widely used accessory. From fingerless styles to bold designs and sheer varieties, there’s something for every taste. Gloves are here to stay, and we can see why. Elevating any bridal look, from elbow or opera gloves which work beautifully with square necklines and strapless dresses to shorties for a chic city look, the options are endless. 



Halfpenny London, Gignoux Gloves

Sleeves have become a bridal fashion staple. What stands out the most are detachable designs. From sheer, embroidered, balloon, sleeves come in all styles to match your wedding day look. Detachable sleeves are more popular than ever, allowing brides to remove them as a change of look. You might want to delight the aisle with an embroidered sleeve, but as the sun sets and the party starts, you might want to free your arms and dance the night away!


Statement Earrings

Ronald Joyce, Kerry Wedding Dress

The pièce de résistance this year is the statement earring. From lengthy pendants to wow-worthy chandeliers, this is the time to sparkle. With a beautiful updo or soft waves, an elegant pair of earrings will do the trick. The best part about accessorising with earrings is that these are timeless pieces you can wear time and time again. 


Choker Necklace

Hermione de Paula, Arenophile Choker 

Guess who’s back? The choker necklace has made a comeback, and influential brides are flaunting the accessory across photo albums. With lots of simple dress designs and more strapless styles adorning the aisles, there is room to draw attention to the neckline. Choker necklaces are the perfect eye-catching pieces to refine your bridal look. Trending at the moment, the dainty and ultra-elegant lace choker adds an extra layer of romance to your wedding wardrobe. 



Debbie Carlisle, Effie, £325

Subtle yet chic, the bridal headband has become a favourite among brides. For a low-key wedding or a stylish city look, it works wonders. Whether you opt for a sleek gown, a short dress or a suit, an embellished headband will give you an extra dose of charm. There’s also a myriad of options to choose from. Some of our favourites include floral accents, pearly details and splashes of colour. You simply can’t go wrong with a cute headpiece, especially when you decide on a natural hairstyle and want to push your hair back. 

Cover Image: Anna Campbell Cleo Fitted with Ember Chapel with Blusher Veil 

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