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Q&A with Sarah Salvas Photography

We held an interview with photographer and filmmaker, Sarah Salvas from Vermont and asked her the all-important questions about being a wedding photographer and filmmaker.

Wedding photographer Sarah Salvas shares with us her journey to photography and her best moments…

Sarah Salvas Photography


How long have you been a photographer/filmmaker and how did you get into the wedding industry?

Sarah Salvas Photography


I have been a photographer/filmmaker for about 7 years. Although, I didn’t break into the wedding industry until about 2017.  I started second shooting with a few friends of mine who are photographers. Then in 2019 I began to book weddings on my own. 


How would you describe your approach as a photographer?  

Sarah Salvas Photography

Everyone’s wedding environment is unique to them and I want to make sure it gets captured that way. I have a very natural, candid style and I really love to focus on the moments that happen rather than trying to create them. I will always give the couple some prompts and then capture what happens from there. 


What do you enjoy most about being a wedding filmmaker/photographer?

Sarah Salvas Photography

I love connecting with new people & making new friends. To me, my couples are not just clients and I truly want to get to know them. Photographers spend the entire wedding day with the couple so it’s really important that the relationship is a good one. I also love getting to travel to so many new places and venues. 


Do you have any unique services available for weddings?

Sarah Salvas Photography


I offer both elopement and full day wedding packages at a variety of rates. I have small elopement packages for those couples that may not want to do a big wedding but still want to get some beautiful memories at a special location. And then the bigger wedding packages are great for those who don’t want to miss anything from their day with all of their guests.


What’s the greatest moment you’ve had as a wedding filmmaker/photographer?

Sarah Salvas Photography

There are so many but a recent one was while shooting an elopement here in Vermont. We went all around the town of Stowe and ended the shoot at a beautiful waterfall, which the couple climbed up in all of their wedding attire. I got in the water at the base of the falls and shot them up in the middle, it was absolutely magical. 

Location: Vermont



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