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Destination-inspired Stationery for your wedding travels abroad

Destination weddings are all about embracing your surroundings, and a wonderful way to do your location justice is by incorporating details of it in your stationery suite. Here are a few ideas to get you started...

Make the most of your destination and match your wedding stationery to your beautiful surroundings, whether it’s the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean or the lush olive groves of Italy, your suites will seamlessly fit right into your chosen setting! 

Italian Villa

If you’ve opted for a stunning Italian villa for your wedding, then match it to your stationery with elements of nature to reflect the Mediterranean plants and fancy scrawling calligraphy to capture the opulence of your surroundings. This mix of classy text with natural leaf motifs is sure to stun and mirror your wedding perfectly.

Ideal for a Mediterranean wedding, decorate your invites with olive branches to give your guests a taste of what to expect for your big day. Entwining an olive branch motif around the edge of your stationery pieces acts as a great border and you can achieve this through a watercolour illustration or even a small gold leaf embossed design of an olive tree. Lemons are also great for an Italian or Sicilian wedding and add some colour to your suite whilst reflecting the groves of your Italian villa. You could even scent the paper with a lemon fragrance to get your guests excited for the smells of Italy that are to come! 

The ornate and Catholic history of Italy still remains a huge inspiration in Italian décor and you can mirror this in your stationery by using scrawling calligraphy text to add that touch of luxury. Using gold seals with leaf motifs to seal your envelopes or attach sprigs of dried grasses to your placenames also brings that Italian glamour to your suite by combining excessive design with a charming rustic style. Put some of the text or a romantic phrase in Italian on your pieces to create an authentic feel perfect for your Italian villa wedding.

Caribbean Beach

If you are jetting off to the sunny climes of the Caribbean then your stationery should feature elements of the azure blue sea and lush tropical vegetation. Reflect the vibrant sights and colours of this exciting wedding location within your suite and get the party started for your wedding party!

Many destination weddings and elopements feature a beach in the celebrations, whether that’s for the ceremony or as a post-wedding event. Use sand and sea colourings in your stationery by juxtaposing creamy neutrals with deep blues, you could even use shell motifs and illustrations to transport your guests to the beach. Reflect the tropical colours of the region by using bright reds and yellows to mirror the vibrant fauna of the Caribbean. 

A Caribbean wedding is a great opportunity to go all out with your placenames. We love the look of each guest's name written upon a tropical leaf in metallic ink or balanced upon a shell to really carry through the beach theme. Scatter shells and use rustic textures throughout your tablescape to bring the look together. 

Greek Island

Grecian weddings make the most of the region’s aquamarine Aegean waters and white-washed marble surroundings for a fresh and clean theme. Combining blues and whites keeps your wedding stationery colour scheme working in unison and won’t take the shine off you at the centre of the day.

Stationery perfect for a Greek island wedding will mainly be in a neutral colour scheme with whites and creams reflecting the fresh buildings you’d find on islands such as Santorini. Add some excitement to plain white stationery by playing with materials and textures, you could print your menu on unbleached calico for a natural and sustainable touch or use embossed textured papers to add some dimension to your tablescape.

Mythology and history are important in Greece, with so many stories of undying love and gods and goddesses, it’s perfect to inspire your romantic day. Use laurel leaf illustrations to edge your invites or feature stars and moons in gold foil to add a touch of sparkle on your big day. Consult your stationer to see what they offer, if you have a theme in mind they will be more than happy to collaborate on some ideas based around your wedding destination. 

New York City Chic

A glamorous city wedding is a great source of inspiration for your wedding stationery and an exciting opportunity to mix modern style and understated class. Think clear block text, sharp lines and touches of glittering foil to lift the simple colour scheme. 

Many locations for a city wedding will feature modern architecture, stunning glass windows and darker colours. You can reflect this in your stationery by sticking to a black and white colour scheme for a timeless look. Fonts are key for this theme, use typewriter text with sharp edges that is clear to read and juxtaposes the colour behind it. The information on your invite should be laid out clearly and concisely and this is a great theme to convey this whilst looking classy and effortless. 

For extra special touches of elegance, a welcome sign transcribing a poem or passage that is special to you as a couple in a typewriter font is a great introduction for your guests as they enter the venue, as if the sign has been pulled straight from a book. A trend that is growing for wedding stationery is the vellum cover, these transparent sheets wrap around your invite and look timeless when simply printed with your initials and sealed with a ribbon to impress your guests from the outset. 


Top Tips for Destination Wedding Stationery


  • Weddings abroad take lots of planning, let your guests know the date well in advance 
  • A destination wedding invite needs more information than the usual invite
  • Have a strict RSVP deadline so you can lock in numbers for your wedding
  • You may need several RSVP deadlines if you’re doing several events throughout your celebrations
  • Get on-the-day stationery sent straight to your venue so you don’t have to concern yourself about transporting it there
  • Create an insert with location, maps, photos and information for your destination wedding venue so your guests can consult this on their travels
  • Make a wedding website for your guests to get restaurant and sightseeing recommendations to entertain themselves when there isn’t a designated wedding event
  • Communicate the weather and packing needs so guests know what to bring and allows them to plan their on-the-day outfit


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