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Planning your Destination Hen

Planning a hen do abroad is no easy feat, but rest assured it’s worth the time. This is your chance to create special memories with your friends and closest ones as you unwind and take your mind off wedding planning for a few days. Whether it’s you planning your pre-wedding celebrations or putting your besties in charge, these are moments you’ll always cherish!

The very popular vogue is a hen weekend abroad, which consists of embracing all a destination has to offer and lots of fun times. Whether it’s uncovering the secret coves of Ibiza or delighting in a countryside spa retreat, a destination hen do is currently at the top of the list. Together with this craze comes the latest inclination everyone can’t stop talking about, which is the current release of the ‘Barbie’ movie. Pink-hued styles have since skyrocketed, and the wedding world has not been shy in embracing the trend! And, when these two meet, you have the perfect recipe for an outstanding bash!

The magic formula for success is making sure everything is planned in advance. As a bride, you want to make sure you put your most organised friends in charge and confide in the fact that they know you perfectly well, as probably, nothing will be revealed until you arrive at your destination! Think about it this way, it’s at least one thing you don’t have to plan! Find the dates, book the flights, plan your stay and then it’s on to the fun part. Once the group has been formed and all the daunting details have settled, it’s time to design your days and book all the activities that will make the hen unique and unforgettable for the bride. Tailor the hen weekend with a theme and plan your activities consequently. Of course, always keep in mind that the bride is the star of the show, and all of the activities should
fit in with her character, so maybe toss in a few ideas from her bucket list too. Try making this a memorable experience for everyone by thinking outside the box and indulging in new experiences. Whether it’s a cooking class in Italy, a flamenco course in Spain or a thrilling water sports outing for all the adrenaline seekers in Mexico, there’s much on offer for a brilliant time. That’s why planning abroad has been trending. You can embrace a new culture whilst having fun. Just think of a spa retreat in Morocco, a yoga getaway on a Greek yacht or a music festival in Croatia, the world brims with ideas to elevate your days.

On one side, you have the schedule to plan with tours and activities for everyone to partake in and on the other, it’s all about how everything will be styled so it screams hen do! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so we say: “Go all out!” That’s why a Barbie-inspired theme is key to flaunting a colourful look and standing out as you waltz down the streets with your hen party accessories. All brands are embracing the style, and pink is the colour of this hen party season! From pretty hats for the bride to robes for the friends, there’s an array of cute ideas to curate a look that will be perfect for those social media-worthy photos. That’s not all, seize the opportunity and make your decorations pop. Whether you’re planning a picnic in a vineyard or a sunset cruise, add touches of pink florals or décor elements to stun your bride and make her feel extra special during your celebrations. Everyone wants to be a Barbie girl and none more so than a blushing bride, so make sure your hen do is plastic fantastic with these tips.

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