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A Greek Villa With A View

Perched on the lush San Stefano hills in northeast Corfu, Emily Williams discovers Villa Daniela, a Greek Island oasis for couples and group retreats.


The best antidote for any newlywed is time spent away in sunny seclusion, where you can unwind, reflect and process the sheer joy of everything that has just happened. While honeymoon hotels and resorts are forever inviting, there is something underrated about booking a luxury villa for two. Not only do they level up the sense of privacy, but they also give you the freedom to plan your stay your way, all while enjoying the authentic feeling of a holiday home.

There’s no denying that the Greek Islands are one of the most popular destinations for a Mediterranean honeymoon, and if you’re looking for a mix of unspoilt beauty and first-class hospitality, we recommend turning to the experts at The Greek Villas. As leading purveyors of premium villa rentals, they have a portfolio of over 500 unique properties across 34 desirable Greek destinations. From sun-soaked mansions on the mainland to romantic island residences, this family-run company of villa specialists guarantees you a spectacular and stress-free honeymoon, accompanied by the luxurious comfort of 24-7 concierge services and VIP transfers.

The Greek Villas

To find a remote, undiscovered Greek getaway for your first holiday as a married couple, you often need to be in the know. The Greek Villas team will let you in on Greece’s best-kept secrets with a selection of sought-after stays that fit with your availability, budget and style. If you know what you’re after, you can be as involved in the search as you wish, or you can sit back and let them find your perfect match. By getting to know your specific tastes and preferences, the warm and welcoming staff always go above and beyond to tailor every detail of your itinerary.

The recently renovated 7-bedroom Villa Daniela in the northeast hills of Corfu set the scene for my first experience with The Greek Villas, and it set the bar high. Looking over the quaint port village of Agios Stefanos with the azure ocean and Albanian mountains beyond, the panoramic views were startlingly beautiful and visible from every corner of the villa. Inside, the tasteful interiors were neutral and modern, while the large sliding doors created an extension of the open-plan kitchen. Mastering the concept of indoor-outdoor living, there were multiple alfresco dining areas, a barbecue station and tempting poolside loungers to soak up the summer sunshine.

The Greek Villas

One of the stand-out luxuries at Villa Daniela was the private chef duo who prepared outstanding culinary experiences and a private cooking class for us all, while catering to specific dietary requirements. As if by magic, the immaculately presented plates emerged from the professional kitchen below the swimming pool and appeared on the table, which recreated the exclusive atmosphere of a restaurant's private dining room. From succulent lemon sea bass and feta-filled Greek salads to hearty bowls of Corfiot Pastitsada, a traditional pasta dish with slow-cooked braised beef in a spicy tomato sauce, the chefs treated us to flavoursome meals that I still think about today.

Located just two kilometres from the beach and a short drive away from the fascinating attractions shown to us on a tour by Corfu Holidays Direct, Villa Daniela is in an idyllic location to explore the beauty of Corfu. But just when you think a villa is a convenient launchpad to island adventures, there’s also so much to enjoy within the property’s perimeter. One afternoon, the Aurelia Spa team created a wellness haven by the pool, and we floated away into blissful relaxation as the sun set over the horizon. The lights were twinkling in the bay as I woke up from my massage slumber, adding to the magical open-air setting.

The Greek Villas

It’s often said that you need at least a week away to ease into full holiday mode, but here at Villa Daniela with the whole place to yourselves, tranquillity prevails and life slows from the moment you walk through the door. It’s a homely honeymoon hideaway with all of the touches you could wish for from any luxury hotel.

Villa Daniela has a starting rate of 10,000 euros per week for the 2023 season. To find your dream honeymoon villa in Greece, visit:


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