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Top Ten Red Flowers for a Berry & Blush Themed Wedding

From Roses to Ranunculus, find out which red blooms will pop in your bouquet.

The most romantic of all colours, rich reds and bold burgundy are stealing the show for this wedding season's florals. Ideal for a Berry & Blush Wedding theme, red florals stun in flower arches and are the perfect accompaniment to a gleaming white dress. Here's the top ten red blooms you need for your bouquet…

1. Roses

The most classic of wedding blooms to brighten up your bouquet. They are the perfect base flower from which to build a strong foundation of red floral shades. 

2. Red Tulip

Perfect for centrepieces for a spring wedding, tulips provide structure and gorgeous leaves to your displays. 

3. Ranunculus

A timeless choice, just keep in mind that they have hollow stems so you will need floral wire to keep them upright in displays. 

4. Anemone

We love to see our couples using Anemone blooms for boutonierres or place names, they add some texture and colour to any installation.

5. Dianthus

As you get ten to fifteen blooms per stem, Dianthus is a fantastic choice for bulking out displays in a cost-effective way.

6. Carnation

Carnations are great for a flower wall or curtain as they hold their shape really well and are relatively cheap per flower, so it works to buy in bulk.

7. Anthurium

Our choice for a destination wedding, this tropical bloom will transport your guests to an exotic location and looks really effective when placed on top a menu and plate charger. 

8. Scabiosa 

Providing a wildflower look, style these carefree blooms in glass vases or milk bottles along your tablescapes.

9. Dahlia

Coming in a wide variety of shades, dahlias add texture and dimension to any bouquet, they're certainly a favourite of ours. Opt for a darker colour to make your white dress really pop.

10. Berries

You can't have a Berry & Blush theme without some actual berries! Whether you use dried or fresh, berries add a new shape and style to your floral installations and are ideal for an autumnal affair.



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