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Tricks and Treats for a Hallow-Wedding!

Lisa Blamer, Co-owner of Blame Her Ranch in Sante Fe shares her tips and ideas for a Halloween themed wedding.

Halloween Wedding

Autumn is a beautiful time in most places in the world, but especially in Santa Fe New Mexico says Lisa Blamer, Co-Owner of Blame Her Ranch...

For those interested in creating a Halloween-themed wedding, here are some ideas that will leave your guests “oohing and ahhing” over your tasteful, autumnal celebration. The secret? You don’t have to go overboard to embrace it. Instead, focus on details that are special to you (whether it is your gown, table centrepieces, or both!) and put a subtle spin on them by saying goodbye to ghosts and goblins and hello to inky hues, inventive cocktails and florals fit for the season. Read on for 12 ideas that will take your Hallow-Wedding from spooky to spectacular!

1. Choose the Right Venue

Everyone knows that when it comes to a good party, it is all about the venue. Opt for a venue with an old-world feel, perhaps with wild or overgrown landscaping like BHR. Our ceremony area has beautiful aspens and honeysuckles that are overgrown and change to fall colours right in time for Halloween.

2. Consider Alternative Attire

When it comes to your wedding day look, why not go full gothic? A dark gown, a black birdcage veil, or even layers of tulle in deep shades of grey can make for an unexpectedly romantic look.

3. A Hallow-Wedding Does Not Have To Be On the 31st

Unlike so many holidays, Halloween is celebrated throughout the month of October. Guests and people will be in the right mood and spooky spirit all month long. So don’t feel restricted to only have your Hallow-Wedding on the 31st.

wearerewritten.com_Credit @gordonbeckerphoto_Rewritten-bridesmaids-burnt-orange-satin-rob-kar-lee-real-wedding

Image by @gordonbeckerphoto, Bridesmaid Gowns by

4. Embrace Orange

Is there a shade more perfect for Halloween than burnt orange? Your bridesmaids will be a striking sight in autumnal tone dresses!

5. Add Edgy Accessories

Wear a taste of Halloween right on your sleeve! A gift from the bride could be the groom’s gold skull cufflinks for a tribute to all things dark and gothic!

6. Build a Pumpkin Backdrop

Nothing, and we mean nothing, says “Happy Halloween!” quite like a pumpkin. A display of pumpkins would make for a perfect photo opportunity for guests.

Halloween Wedding Accessories

7. Play With Props

Since Jack-o-lanterns are arguably the cornerstone of Halloween décor, there is no reason why that can’t translate in one way or another on your wedding day. Consider using them as props for a guest photo booth!

8. Make It Glamorous 

A break from the traditional orange pumpkin is a welcome invitation to the unexpected. Choose a cream palette. Using various size pumpkins painted in white and gold along with elegant taper candles can elevate your Halloween-inspired concept to chic!

9. Take a Seat: Hay bale lounge, anyone?

A glamorous yet effortlessly cool tribute to fall hayrides, this welcome party lounge seating sets the tone for your wedding weekend!

Autumnal flowers

10. Have Fun With Favours

People naturally think of costumes when it comes to Halloween, but you don’t have to go full masquerade to sprinkle in a little costume change for the wedding! Try a hat bar for you and your guests! What fun!

11. Serve a Spooky Cocktail

Don’t forget cocktail hour. It’s the perfect time to add a touch of Halloween for your guests to enjoy! Try some fall-inspired libations with seasonal flavours such as apple, cinnamon and maple, as well as spirits like bourbon, scotch and apple brandy. Take your favourites and create your own.

12. Toss The Traditional White Cake

Try an inspired cake for the spooky celebration. Serve up a flavour befitting the season, such as pumpkin spice, to take this to the next level.

magazine orange palette
Want to see a Hallow-wedding in action? Check out Jaimie and Rachael's spooktacular wedding here!


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