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Style an Autumnal Wedding With Festive Fall Florals

Now that the colder months are coming in, get inspired by cosy, rich florals bursting with deep reds and textures for your wedding day…

As the leaves start to turn to brown and we enjoy cosy nights in, we find it the perfect time to get inspired by all the colours, textures and vibes that the festive season brings. An autumn or winter wedding doesn’t have to be carved pumpkins and baubles hanging around your venue, but rather an opportunity to use darker shades in your bouquets and heavier textures within your table styling. For festive florals, more is often more!


The main focal point of an Autumnal bouquet is often the colour, with the reds, browns, oranges and yellows reflecting the colours of the season. These richer, deep colours ooze style and indulgence, making a real statement that the usual posy of white roses cannot. 

The statement bloom we’re seeing most regularly in festive wedding styling is the dahlia. In a range of colours and styles you really can choose a dahlia type perfectly suited to your taste! Scatter crimson red dahlias among your bouquet and tables to enrich the style, if you dare they even go almost black in colour if you really want to make your white dress pop! Contrast these darker shades with peachy, yellow dahlia blooms, these geometric flowers are a big hit with brides. 

Other noticeable festive flower types include chrysanthemums, gazanias and ranunculus. The great thing with these blooms is that you can choose along a spectrum of colour to go as light or as dark as you want with your bouquet colouring. We also love the look of coloured roses nestled into an autumnal bouquet, go for varieties that are nude and blush colours to offset darker blooms. The main thing is, don’t be scared to embrace colour in such a vibrant season!

Extra Touches

With a big focus on what nature is doing around you for your wedding styling, Autumn allows you the chance to integrate more unusual touches into your florals for the day. A common theme is to add fruit into your bouquet, particularly sprigs of berries, to add definition and a new texture to your blooms. These also act as a nod to the festive seasons of halloween and christmas as food is in abundance and this is then reflected in your wedding theme. 

Another really popular trend for couples is to add leaves to their floral presentations. Usually bridal bouquets have fresh, lush eucalyptus and fern fronds, but for autumn why not let the leaves change colour in your bouquet too? Featuring red-tinged oak leaves and brown beech leaves in your florals acts as a big nod to Autumn colouring, as well as adding a lot of height and structure to a bouquet that can feel cramped by big, blousy blooms. Don’t worry about them being too dry or crispy on the big day and therefore delicate, your florist will have some tricks up their sleeve to keep your bouquet looking slightly ‘dead’ but feeling fresh!


Styling your blooms is where you can really have fun for your big day! Tablescapes and venue styling for winter is bursting with a cornucopia of colours and textures and we’ve got some of our favourite styles for you to steal for yourself. 

An important part of arranging your florals in an autumnal style is to not be too neat with your bouquet, it needs to reflect the wild atmosphere of nature. Use leaves and berries to break up the usual round shape of bouquets by having sprigs jutting out from the sides. For a bohemian look incorporate dried pampas grass into your blooms for a modern design still on-brand for autumn. Use all these elements to create height, volume and texture. 

Scattering leaves and flowers among your tables ties your theme together and keeps it looking stylish. Use features like pomegranates and corn among your flowers to add interest and style, this would be perfect for a rustic barn wedding. Use thick, textured table runners of velvet material in brown and orange tones to keep up that luxurious, indulgent feel. Having warm coloured tapered candles popping out between your flowers also adds height and levels.

Keep up the festive theme with pine cones and mistletoe sprigs throughout your venue for christmas weddings, it doesn’t have to be cliché, christmas is a great time to embrace sparkly, elegant styling. We love the look of trailing blooms such as crimson red love-lies-bleeding over the edge of tables and hanging from overhead flower installations to add new levels. Don’t be afraid to go for it, this theme looks best when you don’t hold back.

The gorgeous mix of warm tones and loads of texture is a sure winner for all you festive couples, so make the most of the season and fall in love with rich, indulgent florals for your big day!


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