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A Colourful Autumnal Affair for Charlotte & Oliver

Forget the classic white wedding, Charlotte & Oliver wanted colours, colours and more colours for their autumnal affair in the Austrian mountains. Ain't no mountain high enough to keep me from you!

Planned by Stressfree Weddings by Sandra M

For this special couple, deciding where to get married was easy… A beautiful, Austrian wedding was just right for them. “Oliver and I both spent a lot of time there skiing with our families when we were young,” explains bride Charlotte. “As a couple, we started going back every so often, during the summer months. It just was crystal clear to both of us that this was where we wanted to get married!” Already filled with lovely memories of family holidays and nostalgic fun, the bride and groom knew that they wanted to make Austria that little bit more special.

Alongside their wedding planner, the pair explored their options for the perfect venue -  eventually selecting the stunning Schloss Mittersill to host their wedding day. And it was the right decision - towering, snow-tipped mountains and the cloudy, autumn ambience of Austria as their backdrop, with picture-perfect burnt orange and pristine white decor surrounding them, the couple created a truly beautiful day to remember.

An all-white wedding was off the cards for the bride and groom… “It was all about colours, colours, colours!” gushes the bride. Their wedding planner suggested using Charlotte’s copper hair as inspiration, hinting at the use of an autumnal theme to harmonise seamlessly with the native charm of their venue. Bouquets of deep reds, yellows and oranges were scattered amongst the ceremony - hanging from archways, nestled in baskets, threaded through headbands - the blooming flowers one of the staple, beautiful details of the breathtaking celebration.

“The cake artist even used the flowers for the design of our wedding cake,” the bride smiles. Subtle hints of whites and golds highlighted the wedding, in the white silk of the wedding arch and their table settings, adding an extra layer of class and style to the day.

As a lot of couples did, Charlotte and Oliver faced a major challenge when planning their initial wedding: the pandemic. “We initially had quite a big wedding planned, which we ended up cancelling in spring,” explains the bride. “But, as Europe began to open up, we were filled with hope again.” The pair limited their original guest list down to fifty people, and - although nerves crept up on the bride at the big change - they ended up having the most special, heartwarming day, regardless.

The bride and groom stressed the importance and benefits of hiring a wedding planner, local to the destination of the wedding. “Yes, you can do your research on the internet, but there are always going to be tiny details you won’t find online,” the bride emphasises. Both busy with their jobs, the couple recall how much of a weight off their shoulders their fabulous wedding planner was - allowing them to relax, spend their spare time together instead of worrying about logistics, and look forward to their special day. “Hiring a wedding planner is definitely worth the investment!”


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