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Love on the Shore for Lena & Ryan

This young couple honoured their love with only themselves and the turquoise Indian Ocean as their witnesses...

Supplied by Reethi Beach Resort

In an intimate elopement shared between just the two of them, Lena and Ryan celebrated the love they have for each other in front of the crashing waves and atop the golden sand. Basking in the rich, exotic heat of the Maldives, the carefree pair had fun in the sun, enjoying the most memorable day of their new lives together in the most relaxed, stress-free way possible. They treated themselves with some complimentary champagne, toasting to the beginning of their new chapter, and immediately dug into their wedding cake... after all, there was no one there to stop them!

The bride and groom tied the knot in front of a white heart-shaped arch decorated abundantly with vibrant florals. The bright oranges, reds and pinks of the tropical flowers provided that splash of colour needed to bring out the stunning beach’s natural beauty, as well as the palm leaf hearts and other flower-detailed decorations scattered over the beach. The soft muted tones of the sand and the big bright sky above them brought an air of cleanliness and pristineness to the pair’s photos, matching the whites in their own outfits perfectly. As the day progressed and morphed into evening, golden hour shone over the beach, illuminating their ceremony in a honey glow, giving an almost heavenly feel when sunbeams broke through the fluffy clouds.

The bride’s beautiful gown was perfect for the occasion – gorgeous embroidered embellishments on a diaphanous bodice gave that feminine, pretty edge, and her long gloves added a little layer of class and elegance to the outfit. She paired her dress with a matching veil, detailed with identical floral lace dotted through the fabric, and a simple yet lovely pearl necklace. Her complete look gave a bohemian feel, just right for a beachy wedding day. Groom Ryan kept it casual but smart in a white button-up with a blue palm tree pattern, acting as a subtle nod to the Maldives’ effortless beauty surrounding them.

Elopements involving only the bride and groom are great for couples who want to focus solely on each other, for those who want to save up some money, or for those who dream about a destination wedding but realise that their ideal guests may not be able to afford the travel... those are just a few of the reasons! For Lena and Ryan, the decision proved to be exactly the right one, as they were able to kick back and enjoy each other’s presence in one of the most peaceful parts of the world, while also partaking in their union as a couple!



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