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5 Reasons to Have a Beach Wedding

Wondering if you should opt for an easy-breezy beach wedding and say 'I do' on idyllic sandy shores? Arches Beach Weddings list the reasons you should have a beach wedding.

If a laid-back wedding is your goal, a beach wedding venue can be the ideal setting. Even if you're dreaming of a formal affair with a long white dress and tuxedos, a beach wedding can still be flexible enough to allow for some personal touches while remaining elegant. The beach offers many benefits that couples may not have considered. There are numerous locations both in the UK and abroad that specialise in beach weddings. You can choose from large or small resorts, or even get married on a secluded beach.

Getting married at the beach allows you to create a unique, memorable event without having to spend hours setting up elaborate decorations or making other costly preparations. The sun and sand will set the perfect mood for your ceremony - all you need to bring is your marriage license and your guests!

Planning your wedding at the beach can be relatively easy and stress-free. The experts at Arches Beach Weddings have shared 5 reasons why you should choose the beach for your big day.


1. Save money on décor costs

The beach is a setting that allows you to have the wedding of your dreams without having to spend a lot of money. The natural beauty will be your decorations. The soft, white sands, the blue sea, and stunning nature can provide the perfect backdrop to your beach wedding without breaking the bank. The backdrop is already stunning and all that you need to do is add a few more touches to make it perfect. If you want to embellish your wedding ceremony further, then you can consider adding a few colourful flowers. You can also use some seashells as centrepieces or ask your florist to incorporate seaweed into the bouquet and boutonnieres.


2. Bigger guestlist


Outdoor spaces of beach wedding venues, like the sand, ocean or a garden setting, can accommodate bigger guest lists. You are not confined to the size of a ballroom or other indoor space. And if your venue selection includes a lawn area, you can have a tented reception outdoors too. Since many beaches have miles of shoreline, it is possible for beach wedding venues to offer private locations for your ceremony. This is not possible at traditional wedding venues where parking lots and public roads are often right next door to the venue itself. If a private location is important to you on your wedding day, consider a beach wedding venue as they can provide beautiful locations with little traffic or onlookers.


3. Holiday for your guests

A beach wedding is an opportunity to escape the responsibilities of everyday life and enjoy a special day with your friends and family. But that's not all. They will also have the opportunity to look around the beautiful location. They are probably looking for an excuse to take a few days off from work and enjoy a break, so why not give them one? Many will surely take advantage of the opportunity to spend a few days in this paradise before or after your celebration.


4. Comfort is key

The bride will have a lot of freedom as far as her wedding attire is concerned. The beach weather is normally warm, so there is no need for heavy dresses, and the bride can wear something that she feels comfortable in. She can wear an elegant suit or a beautiful dress. The groom can wear a suit, or if the weather is very warm and humid, he can wear light-coloured trousers and a nice shirt with no tie. Because the beach weather is always warm, it means wedding guests do not have to worry about dressing up too much. They can be as casual as they wish to be, as long as they look presentable.


5. Gorgeous backdrop

There’s something about a beach wedding that makes you feel like you’re in your own little world. A beach wedding is a gorgeous and fun way to get married. Whether it’s by the ocean, on the sand, or by the shore, you’re sure to get a beautiful backdrop for your photos which will look natural and vibrant.


We hope the reasons in this article help you decide to opt for a gorgeous beach wedding.

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