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A Fairytale in France for Thomas & Clément

Celebrated their love in a celestial castle surrounded by majestic French gardens...

Blooming trees and a clear, pastel sky enwrapped Thomas and Clément’s dreamy ceremony. With the elegant gardens decorated with fairy lights and vintage furniture, the grooms tied the knot overlooking a magical, 19th-century castle - all of their favourite people celebrating with them... Many of their guests choosing to stay at the venue for five further days to elongate the party! “A venue with enough accommodation for everyone was very important to us, and to find Chateau de la Valouze’s beautiful scenery was an additional bonus for our celebrations!”

The ceremony was brought to life by the raw emotion of grooms and guests alike - the medieval décor harmonising perfectly with the beautiful union taking place before it. “When we were getting ready, we were surrounded by all of our guests,” smiles groom Clément. “We got ready in the bride and groom's suite, and read out intimate letters to everyone. The room was full of tears!” Friends, family and loved ones mingled around the stunning scenery of the castle; with flourishing bouquets, a majestic stone water fountain, and paper lanterns hanging from the trees. The grooms looked clean-cut and classy in their Blandin and Deloy suits - the deep maroon and faded sage of their outfits complementing the rural French countryside. Their beautiful bridesmaids stunned in all-white dresses, and the groomsmen in pristine shirts to match. The ceremony crowd truly looked fit for a fairytale beneath the traditional, timeless architecture.

Amongst the other personal, heartwarming touches of the wedding, one fluffy addition in particular stood out in the crowd... Yuki, their ring bearer! Thomas and Clément ensured that they would be surrounded by their dearest companions during their ceremony, and their dog was no exception - the furry friend was even present for the proposal! “Thomas had organised a weekend of hiking in the Pyrenees, around the lakes of Ayous in the Ossau Valley,” groom Clément remembers. “Yuki came
along too, and I was sure Thomas would propose... But, he still didn’t put the knee down! I know now that he was too nervous at that time, but it was quite frustrating given that we had been together for 10 years!” The grooms got their happy ending eventually, their pooch completing their new, little family whilst making a memorable scene during the ceremony. Emotions high and excitement inevitable, Thomas and Clément’s dreamy wedding day was a long-awaited celebration, and a beautiful start to the newest chapter of their lives together.

The Dream Team

VENUE: Chateau de la Valouze PLANNER: Marry Me in France PHOTOGRAPHER: Sarah Miranville VIDEOGRAPHER: Saimon Sey SUITS: Blandin and Deloy FLOWERS: Philippe Bonvoisin HAIR: Jonathan Thery FOOD TRUCK: Crazy Diamond Food Truck


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