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Miami's New Bridal Designer

After almost 3 decades in business, Ema Savahl Couture officially launched her first Bridal Collection and we are here for the ride...

Words by Hope Gainer, @hopegainer

For those in the dark, Miami-based, international designer, Ema Koja of Ema Savahl (the Savahl letters stand for members of her family) is a self-made superstar. Born in Albania to a family of volleyball champions, Ema grew up as an athlete, but soon her perfect body was prime for becoming a fit model in Italy. Along the way, she learned pattern-making skills and expert tailoring.  Fast forward to Ema crossing the Atlantic and landing in Miami when South Beach was becoming “South Beach”.  Here Ema worked in a vintage clothing shop where she started to ‘reinvent’ the garments with her own magic touch.  Supermodels and celebrities took notice.  And soon Ema was courageous enough to open her own workshop and start her Ema Savahl fashion label.  And the rest, as they say, is fashion history.

As a single mom, Ema decided to hire only single mothers to be her seamstresses.  Her philosophy has always been to empower women.  She does this in many ways from employing women to making her customers feel like goddesses in her dresses.  After some experimentation, Ema came up with her very own signature look and style.  She invented a technique for screening and hand-painting on special fabric.  The result is one-of-a-kind garments that are all truly timeless works of art.  

Ema Savahl's Collections include original artworks that Ema creates herself.  The patterns are screened onto the base fabric, then hand-painted for finishing touches and some also get bedazzled with crystals.  Ema also designs a variety of silhouettes and styles which can be made in many different colors. Thus, the collections are very versatile. Ema Savahl garments stretch and mould to the body.  Additionally, some styles are designed with optical illusion artwork to enhance the female figure even more. The pieces never wrinkle and can be hand-washed in the sink, making them perfect for travel.  

Ema is a spiritual being and the garments she designs are imbedded with her life energy.  The evolution of her collections is like a mirror image of her life story.  She started with a butterfly bustier and has come full circle today with a new 2023 version of her butterfly as she herself continues to metamorphosize. 

As a businesswoman, Ema is an ever-evolving entrepreneur.  She is nimble and flexible enough to adapt quickly to changing times. During the pandemic, her customers did not have a need for gorgeous gowns and party dresses, so she took the time to create her first swimwear collection.  The swimsuits include the same signature paint on unique one and two-piece swimsuits.  The Ema Savahl Swimswear Collection was launched with a big bang.  It became the Official Swimwear of the Miss Universe Pageant in 2020.  The pageant was held at the Hard Rock Guitar Hotel in Hollywood, Florida and aired worldwide in about 190 countries.  All the beautiful contestants from each country wore an Ema Savahl swimsuit and bright-coloured full-length coat that sashayed on the stage.  

During the pandemic, Ema also transitioned from selling wholesale to stores, to direct to consumer on her own website.  Now, items ordered online can be shipped anywhere worldwide. And, as social media exploded and influencers became the new “celebrities,” Ema took to Instagram and fashionistas everywhere found her.  Of course, over her career, many celebrities from all walks of life have discovered Ema Savahl Couture from Paris Hilton in the early days as well as Katie Perry to Jennifer Lopez and many many more.  Also, Ema has been invited as the special guest designer of many international fashion weeks around the world over the course of her career.

The Ema Savahl customers are continually evolving and growing like her collections…and once an Ema Savahl client, always an Ema Savahl client.  Ema started getting requests for wedding dresses more and more.  She made custom couture wedding dresses for these ladies.  And then the demand kept growing so it was time to give birth to an Ema Savahl Bridal Collection.  This collection is focused on the bride but can be offered for mother-of-the-brides and bridesmaids.  The wedding dresses all encompass the Ema Savahl signature looks with hand-painted artwork patterns on neoprene, tulle and sheer mesh fabrics, embellishments of Swarovski crystals, rose crystals and other special detailing.  The Ema Savahl Wedding Collection is merely a starting point.  Brides can still order custom couture wedding gowns with whatever their hearts desire for their very special day.

Ema articulates her vision for her wedding collection best herself:

“It is never just about the dress itself, but about serving the woman wearing it. Each dress complements specific body types, skin tones, neck lengths, and curves. The dresses are meant to transform and mould to enhance the beauty of the woman, putting her at the centre of attention. The philosophy behind my wedding dresses is to make a woman feel beautiful, comfortable, sensual, and confident. It's more about the feeling they evoke rather than just the visual aesthetics. Our designs, from the application of art to the stretching of fabrics, are aimed at ensuring the most comfort and a flattering fit. They are also designed to travel well, making them suitable for destination weddings, and can withstand various environments like underwater or sandy beaches, allowing for stunning photography. Furthermore, sustainability is a core value for us. We encourage brides to bring back their dresses after the wedding, and we can repurpose, alter, or redesign them, allowing for continued wear and cherished memories instead of leaving them hanging in a closet for years. This commitment to sustainability aligns with our goal of creating wearable and timeless pieces.  Adding a bridal collection was a natural extension of my expertise.”

For More Information:

Ema Savahl wedding dresses typically range from $3,000 to $20,000, depending on the intricacy of details such as painting, crystals, and other embellishments. Since everything is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail, the dresses are recognized for their exquisite craftsmanship.

Brides can “shop” for their honeymoon wardrobe as well through Ema Savahl.  With one-of-a-kind hand-painted swimsuits, newlywed wives can feel equally sexy on the beach with their new husbands.  And more casual hand-painted dresses for daytime to night-time stunners can make all heads turn at the honeymoon resort.  The brides’ new life partners will surely be proud to show them off.

So once the man gets down on one knee, it’s time for the bride-to-be to say “yes” to the dress that will transform her into a goddess as she walks down the aisle…wearing Ema Savahl of course!


To find out more, visit:, , @emasavahl 



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