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Set Your Heart on Koh Samui

Check Thailand off your bucket list with a twin-centred honeymoon to its second-largest island Samui. Editor, Eleonora Tucci, experiences the islet and reviews two of Avani’s polar opposite romantic hotels.

A swift plane journey away from Thailand’s capital Bangkok, Koh Samui, is a honeymooner’s paradise. Its blissful character reveals itself as soon as you disembark in its quaint airport displaying open-air lounges and lush gardens you’ve probably never encountered before. Alongside its tranquil nature, Koh Samui is a treasure trove of surprises: from its vibrant food scene to its lively markets and urban corners, there’s plenty for couples to savour during their stay. Make beautiful memories, and pay a visit to the astounding Big Buddha Temple built upon the small island of Koh Faan, boasting scenic views of the Gulf. Discover the fabled site of the Grandmother and Grandfather Rocks, and as the sun sets where the sea joins the sky, delve into Samui’s nightlife at Fisherman’s Village within the historic district of Bophut. 

You’ve travelled a long way, so make the most of your time on the island and explore the two contrasting facets that make Koh Samui a magical destination for newlyweds. Offering the best of both worlds - a tranquil, natural oasis on one side and a lively playground on the other - there’s no need to compromise. Speaking of compromise, you’ll be able to tick everything off your wishlist when you plan your romantic stay with Avani. 

To absorb the spirited island vibes, Avani’s newly-opened Avani Chaweng Samui Hotel & Beach Club is the place to be. Newlyweds who want to kick off their honeymoon tour with a fun time must visit this retro-chic hotel boasting its very own groovy beach club: Seen Beach Club. Ideally positioned on Koh Samui’s most talked about stretch of sand, guests can enjoy it first-hand or admire it from the privacy of their suite. The hotel’s quirky look and hip clientele don’t overshadow the relaxing atmosphere you’ll come across. The property’s allure is exactly that: combing playful energy with a cosy backdrop. 

The hotel has three storeys of 80 rooms and suites wrapped around a more easygoing lounge area with a deep crystalline pool. Soak up the rays here or head to Seen Beach Club for a dive into its sea-facing pools, dance to the rhythm of the residency tunes or delight in the mouth-watering cuisine. The pop-in-when-you-want-dining gives you unlimited options throughout the day. From a musical brunch to a fine dining Seen experience, the food is one of the highlights at Seen. Serving delicate tastings of sushi and sashimi in a colourful al fresco setting, or light lunch snacks, from fresh seafood tacos to revolutionary pizzas, there’s something to please any palate. 

There’s never a dull time at Avani Chaweng Samui Hotel & Beach Club. With morning yoga lulled by the sound of the waves, paddle boarding sessions when desired, and portrait sketches upon request, you’re in for a treat. If you’re looking to preserve each special moment, the hotel abounds with Instagram-worthy spots to take photos and leave you with unforgettable moments to look back on. For all couples feeling nostalgic about the ‘50s, we can’t think of a better nest to celebrate your first moments of married life together.

You’ve hit the clubs and socialised; now it's time to escape to a secluded hideaway and enjoy quality time together with your partner in the tranquil surroundings of Avani + Samui. A scenic 40-minute drive from Samui International Airport, the hotel is blessed with tropical fauna and a quiet beach for those lazy days spent soaking up the sun. Avani + Samui is everything couples could hope for during their honeymoon tour - or even more! Lovebirds can pick from their fifty-eight stunning rooms and villas and surely won’t be disappointed. For extra privacy, the pool villas are a match made in heaven, whilst the deluxe rooms are superb if you’re looking for a front-row seat to mesmerising sunsets. If you don’t want to compromise on anything, and why should you when on your honeymoon? The beachfront pool villas will enhance the luxury experience you’ll want to revel in during your honeymoon escapade. 

Far and wide, Avani + Samui offers privacy and romanticism to all honeymooners. Whether the plan is to order room service and enjoy a floating breakfast with your love, lay by the adult-only pool whilst sipping a refreshing drink or sail away into the sunset, all your dreams can become a reality here. There’s so much to do or not to do that the choice is difficult! We recommend trying everything out and going home with no regrets! There’s nothing wrong with spending a few lethargic days by the pools or on the beach. Actually, we suggest topping off your tranquil days with a stop at AvaniSpa. Sink into the island pace with one of their signature treatments that will leave you looking and feeling serene. 

Once you’ve had enough relaxation time, it’s time to delve into the array of activities Avani proposes. The hotel offers unlimited access to its kayaks and paddle boards. With the peaceful mangroves just a stone’s throw away, it would be a pity not to toddle on an adventure with your love amongst this mesmerising coastal shrub. If you’re up for an excursion, Avani + Samui has got you covered. Their traditional longtail boat will sweep you off your feet and take you on an unforgettable island-hopping cruise of the surrounding islets. Snorkel amidst the playful aquatic creatures in Koh Tan’s crystalline underwater realm, and don’t miss your chance to meet the friendly pigs at the neighbouring Koh Madsum. 

There’s as much happening during the day as there is during the night. With direct access to the beach, the Avani team will help you create memorable date nights, whether you want to snuggle up and watch a film under the stars or plan a romantic bbq dinner as the sun goes down. What makes all of this extra special is the culinary addition of Essence: the only restaurant in the hotel which stands its ground with glorious Thia curries and incredibly fresh ingredients used to whip up international plates. When it comes to food, Avani + Samui is what gastronomic dreams are made of! The memories of tasting their mango rice pudding will forever leave an imprint in your heart!

When it comes to honeymoons, the brand Avani Hotel & Resorts has more than one trick up its sleeve. With a varied assortment of paradise locations to choose from, it’s worth visiting more than one site. Each with its own character, you’ll go home with a kaleidoscope of memories of the most spectacular destinations on the globe. 


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