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Find Love on Antigua & Barbuda

Delicately positioned in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, Antigua and Barbuda is a tropical destination perfect for all romantic endeavours…

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Couples wishing to celebrate their love in a sunny climate will not be disappointed with the paradisiacal reef-fringed shores of beautiful Antigua and Barbuda. Miles of untouched coastline, dazzling turquoise waters and a vibrant tropical soul capture the hearts of travellers, leaving incredible memories imprinted in their hearts forever. Perfect for weddings and honeymoons alike, both islands offer something truly special for the ultimate pristine getaway. 

There’s no doubt why Antigua and Barbuda is one of the top ten romantic destinations in the world, catering to all couples and their desires, whether they would like to marry as the sun sets on a pink sandy beach or spend active moments in the rainforest for an adventurous post-wedding experience - anything they have ever imagined can become a reality when travelling to Antigua and Barbuda. 


Two Islands, One Soul

Antigua has 108 square miles of superb coastline, lush rainforest and vibrant city culture. The capital city of St John’s pulses with a lively modern Caribbean spirit, yet it also radiates with an old-world charm. Candy-coloured houses line up across the waterfront, and beyond the busy marina, there are some cultural must-sees, including the impressive baroque-style St John’s Cathedral and the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda. Carpeting the interior, you’ll find trekking trails into the rainforest and lots of hills from which you can admire the awe-inspiring Caribbean views. For lazy days, there are beaches to make all your holiday dreams come true. From quiet coves for soaking up the love, Half Moon Bay and Darkwood Beach are must-visit shores. For lively afternoons spent with a rum punch at hand, head to the powder-soft sands of Turners Beach and Dickenson Bay. You can also admire the beauty of Antigua directly from the sea. Take a sailing cruise and take it all in from the turquoise waves, the intricate bays and hidden coves, there’s much to admire, and once you dive into the waters, there’s a tantalising underwater realm to be uncovered, especially with the abundant surrounding reefs. 

Antigua’s tranquil sister island Barbuda lies only a speedy 90-minute ferry ride away. Once you’ve absorbed the brimming spirit of Antigua, make your way to the low-lying coral island of Barbuda for a more peaceful, laid-back luxury stay away from the crowds. There’s much to explore once you’ve reached this tropical oasis. Boasting rugged scenery, endless stretches of sand and interesting lagoon formations, you and your love are in for a unique experience. There’s also undisturbed wildlife that lives in harmony with the population and if you want to delve more deeply into the natural wonders of the island, you’ll find the largest Frigate Bird Sanctuary in the Western Hemisphere. Without a doubt, Barbuda is one of the best-kept ecological secrets of the West Indies.

Wedding Destination

With guaranteed sunshine, planning your special day in Antigua and Barbuda has never been easier. This island country in the West Indies is dotted with splendid backdrops for your nuptials, whether you are looking to get married in a tropical garden surrounded by flowers or celebrate with your feet in the sand with a barefoot ceremony. Antigua and Barbuda has a selection of wedding locations for any style of celebration, and with plenty of wedding planners working across the country, you’ll have a stress-free waltz down the aisle. When planning your island wedding here, you can opt for a civil or symbolic ceremony. With no waiting period to receive a wedding license, you won’t find delays or complications in making it official. 

Antigua and Barbuda caters to couples perfectly with a choice of venues suited for all their needs, whether they need a location to host their ceremony and reception or if lovebirds require places to stay during their sojourn. There are a plethora of adult-only accommodations to choose from and you can be sure everything from start to finish will be taken care of. If you are coming from afar and are in desperate need of wedding planning advice and organisation, when planning in Antigua and Barbuda, you’ll have a team of experts helping you find all the wedding suppliers for your event.

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Honeymoon Dreams

Embrace the romantic atmosphere of Antigua and Barbuda and relax to the sound of the Caribbean waves. To soothe you into honeymoon mode there are elegant and sheltered retreats located directly by the sea, offering a place to rest and spend quality time together. As you emerge from the comfort of your room, there are countless excursions for you to experience with your better half. History buffs will find a brimming culture and heritage to immerse in. Unmissable is a stop at the Unesco-listed Nelson’s Dockyard, once a British naval base and then transformed into a shipyard, now it’s a flourishing marina boasting hotels, shops and plenty of eateries for a day out on the town. If nature is more up your street, the two islands are full of natural splendour to explore with snorkelling or hiking tours. For striking views at sunset, Shirley Heights is the peak to visit, and only the luckiest visitors have managed to witness the moment of green glimmer over the horizon known as the Green Flash. There are also luxurious ways of travelling and experiencing the islands, with a selection of yacht chartering companies ready to welcome you on board. For the foodies, there are Caribbean cooking classes to take, and for all the couples looking for a rejuvenating holiday, Antigua and Barbuda offers wellness-savvy travellers plenty of hideouts for meditation and relaxation. 

With its 365 beaches, one for every day of the year, Antigua and Barbuda is the place to be for sun worshippers. The secluded Rendezvous Bay Beach, reachable only by yacht or hike, is a powder-soft sandy beach perfect for newlyweds to enjoy a day basking in the sun and dipping in the warm waters of the Caribbean. When in Barbuda, the deserted Princess Diana Beach has a rosy blush tone, and you’ll come across pink shells as you stroll along the water. This was one of Princess Diana’s favourite Caribbean beaches, and it’s definitely at the top of our list. 

For whichever style of honeymoon, Antigua and Barbuda has it all. You can be as active or calm during your escapade, and with heartfelt hospitality to accompany you during your time on the islands, you are bound to create memories to last a lifetime. 

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