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A Ceremony for Two for Jai & Dave

Jai and Dave escaped the business of New York and found refuge in Tenerife for their paradisiacal wedding elopement...

Supplied by Mia Lopez

Far from the hustle and bustle of New York, the bride and groom opted for a quiet, intimate ceremony in the heart of gorgeous Tenerife. The blazing sun, glistening ocean, and towering palm trees replaced the pricey, tricky technicalities of planning a big wedding in their home state, and the happy couple were able to simply relax with one another without a care in the world. “We made so many different invitation lists, and thought about multiple different venues,” recalls bride Jai. “But everything in New York is so expensive, and with both of our families included it would have been astronomical.” Neither of their families are very avid partygoers, so the pair decided to keep up their tradition of doing everything side-by-side, and go for a dreamy beach ceremony by themselves!

A soft, pristine palette of whites and pinks decorated their wedding day - blooming bouquets of palm leaves, roses and daisies hanging from verandas above them. The bride radiated beauty in her stunning dress - a long veil draping gracefully behind her replicating the crashing waves, and shimmering statement jewellery to finish off the look. The groom looked handsome and fitting with the theme in his pink and white ensemble - the gleaming white of his vest and trousers against his coloured shirt bringing out the crisp, clean atmosphere of the nature surrounding them. Paired with a boutonnière to match Jai’s bouquet, the couple stunned in picturesque harmony, as happy as can be under the warm Spanish sun. “Being an older bride, it was nice to feel so confident and comfortable in my dress,” smiles
the bride. “I didn’t have to conform to trends or traditions - I just followed my heart. And it turned out totally beautiful!”

Spontaneous and fun-loving, the bride and groom’s adventurous ways didn’t start with their ceremony plans... “I had arrangements to do the proposal in Paris, but Covid ruined that,” spills the groom. “Instead of waiting, I decided to just do it at our local park, where we spend time exercising and talking.” Proposing at their special place swept the bride away - solidifying their park with an eternal sense of romance. As beautiful as Paris engagements are, bride Jai was over the moon at Dave’s decision to go ahead with the proposal regardless. “There’s something so significant and romantic about sharing that space with the beginning of our united journey. Now, I recall the proposal frequently, and we smooch on our bench!” The bride and groom enjoyed their honeymoon in Tenerife during the weeks running up to the wedding, preferring to spend time together on the beautiful island with their special day still yet to come. Their sunny celebration wasn’t the first adventure they shared together, and certainly won’t be the last...

The Dream Team

VENUE: Beach front Tenerife PLANNER: Claire Lopez PHOTOGRAPHER: Ema Avarvarii from Pixels in Love



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