The Founder Behind The World’s Most Sustainable Diamond Brand

Discover Dale Vince’s groundbreaking Skydiamond brand, the world’s first carbon-negative diamonds made from the sky.

Energy, transport and food contribute towards 80% of each person’s carbon footprint, which is why they are the three pillars behind Green Industrialist Dale Vince’s plan for tackling the climate crisis. Through eco-initiatives including the world’s first renewable energy company called Ecotricity; the UK’s first national network of EV charging stations known as The Electric Highway; Devil’s Kitchen plant-based food products and BritWind wind turbines, his life’s work is dedicated to creating carbon-free living without compromise. Next in his green revolution is Skydiamond

Dale Vince leaning on the Nemesis 2 supercar

After ‘dropping back in’ from life as a traveller in 1996, Dale’s life ambition has always been to create a brighter and greener future and in the process, he received an OBE from Queen Elizabeth II for his services to the environment. For Dale, living sustainably isn’t about giving up the good things in life, but it’s about finding another way to live, with cleaner air and skies for all. He focuses on using technology to make things that people want, all while respecting the earth.

Dale Vince’s eco-entrepreneurship is unstoppable and even footballers are backing his goals. As Chairman of Forest Green Rovers, he has spearheaded its transformation into the first UN-certified carbon-neutral football club. Not only does the stadium only sell vegan food and is solar and wind powered, but the kit is also made from recycled plastic and coffee grounds, the carpark has charging ports for electric vehicles and the pitch is fertilised with seaweed. The club has taken the football world by storm, making it the greenest team in sports.

Skydiamond Jewellery

One of his latest innovations is Skydiamond, an idea that first came about eight years ago while thinking of ways to reverse the effects that greenhouse gases have on a planetary scale. Diamonds are the most permanent form of carbon, so he realised that he could develop a way to take atmospheric carbon from the sky and use it to create diamonds. Five years of research and development later Skydiamond was born, setting a new industry standard for zero-impact diamonds for the 21st century.

The Sky Mining facility in the Cotswolds is powered by the wind and sun, uses recycled rainwater and takes atmospheric carbon out of the sky, forever making each unique diamond carbon negative by design, rather than by offsetting. Vince’s revolutionary technology enables couples to start their next chapter with jewels that are optically and chemically identical to earthmined diamonds but without any downsides. Skydiamonds are beauty reinvented, opening up a whole new world of luxury for those who want to give back.

Dale Vince, Founder of Skydiamond

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