Gibraltar – The Magical Mediterranean Wedding & Honeymoon setting that feels like home

With its stunning natural beauty, unique charm and historical cultural blend, Gibraltar’s appeal as a romantic setting is not new

During the 1950s and 1960s, Gibraltar’s reputation as the fashionable spot on the Med for wedded couples grew a strong and loyal following. These were the years of rock and roll, when London was swinging to the sounds of the Beatles and the Rock of Gibraltar was and not for the first time in its history, the cool jewel of the Mediterranean, a playground for the rich and famous. With its extensive military history from Admiral Lord Nelson to Eisenhower, Gibraltar has always been a beacon for royalty, politicians and society’s finest. Winston Churchill’s long association with Gibraltar was cemented when his actress daughter Sarah, married Lord Audley in the famous Blue Room of the Rock Hotel. Soon to follow were Hollywood stars from a golden age. Stars including Laurence Harvey and Sean Connery at the height of their fame clamoured to the Rock to take their nuptials. Mr Connery, the original James Bond, who shaken not stirred even married twice on the Rock. It is perhaps the marriage of Beatles legend John Lennon to Yoko Ono in 1969 that caused the biggest stir. Lennon’s choice of wife had created outrage in the UK, but the young lovers fled the media to take refuge in Gibraltar where they happily posed for local press and fans following their short wedding ceremony. Today, Gibraltar opens its doors to thousands of couples each year who travel to Gibraltar to say, ‘I do’. Local laws require simple procedures and only a one-night stay at the destination. Legislation also permits the Marriage Registrar to marry couples in civil weddings and partnerships outside of the Registry Office.


The list of venues is continuously expanding and includes hotels such as the fashionable Sunborn Gibraltar Hotel 5* Yacht Hotel, which offers specific wedding packages. There are a also number of restaurants that are also licensed. It’s Gibraltar’s spectacular historical settings which offer a truly magical experience. These include the Italian-styled ‘Dell’ in the Alameda Botanical Gardens first developed in 1816 for recreation and the 18th-century Garrison Library, which even today remains the archive home of the Gibraltar Chronicle established in 1801 and the first English newspaper to report Nelson’s success at the Battle of Trafalgar.


The Registry Office has recently been relocated to the Mayor’s Parlour located within the City Hall. The building was built in 1819 by a prosperous merchant and is richly decorated in Empire style opulence. In 2024 a new historic property will open as a stunning new venue. The Mount, said to be built in 1797 and designed in Georgian architecture, was the former residence of the senior officer of the Royal Navy stationed in Gibraltar. It is set high up in the Rock with beautiful gardens offering stunning views across the Mediterranean. With its abundance of wildlife, water sports, international cuisine, and UNESCO world-class heritage, it’s hard to imagine a more complete setting to exchange your vows. A fully English-speaking jurisdiction, with the added benefit of Gibraltar Pound sterling currency, means no currency exchange is necessary and its VAT-free status makes Gibraltar an all-around good value destination.

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