Everlasting Blooms: Incorporating Dried Flowers into Your Wedding

Versatile and long-lasting, dried flowers are a pretty alternative to your traditional fresh florals…


Whether you’re looking for a keepsake after your wedding celebrations have ended or seeking a way to be more sustainable on your big day, dried blooms are a great pick to consider. They come in all shapes and sizes and maintain their beautiful hues even after they’ve been pressed. Dried flowers on your wedding day are all about preserving memories more tangibly, so make the most of them.


Are you considering dried flowers on your special day? Well, you won’t be out of options. Many of our favourite blooms lend themselves perfectly to this type of preservation. Roses, thistles, peonies, hydrangeas and dahlias, in addition to wild grasses, sprays of seedheads, and even sunflowers, are all perfectly suitable to transform into a dreamy floral decoration you’ll want to keep by your side forever. And, when it comes to incorporating dried flowers into your beautiful wedding, there are endless possibilities:


You can incorporate dried flowers in your precious bouquet combined with fresh flowers like roses. This adds an elegant yet relaxed touch to your wedding florals and suits an outdoor wedding beautifully. Or, you can opt for a purely dried flower bouquet for a country chic affair. You can also choose to preserve your bouquet by pressing or freeze-drying them after the celebrations.



For a more sustainable wedding, you can rely on dried flowers to adorn your ceremony and reception to perfection. Dried flowers last longer and can adapt easily to your style and theme. Not only do pressed florals keep their bright hues, but you can be rest assured that they also maintain their gorgeous fragrance. And, dried flowers as confetti are a great way to avoid littering on your wedding day.



Trending at the moment, we see more and more dried bloom buttonholes and many hair garlands and crowns crafted with dried florals. Exchanging fresh flowers for dried ones makes sure you continue carrying them with you for many years to come. Either as a keepsake, gift or even if you plan on reusing them, dried flowers can last you a lifetime.

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