Ethereal Enchantment in London

Eunice & Solly Said “I Do” surrounded by blooming cherry blossoms in the heart of London…


Eunice and Solly’s wedding at The Langham hotel in London was a breathtaking display of ethereal romance. From the moment guests stepped into the grand ballroom, they were transported into a world of enchantment and beauty. “We were on a mission to find the perfect venue,” said the newlyweds, “and boy, did we hit the jackpot with The Langham, London! Their wedding brochure instantly caught our eye, and after a bit more digging, we fell head over heels for this hotel. The staff were so friendly and attentive, and the attention to detail was out of this world. From the moment we arrived, we knew we were in for a magical  experience.”


The venue itself seemed to come alive, adorned with delicate floral arrangements in soft pastel hues, cascading from every corner. The air was filled with the sweet scent of cherry blossoms, creating an atmosphere of pure romance. Soft candlelight flickered, casting a warm glow upon the room, as if to mirror the love that radiated between Eunice and Solly.


As the ceremony began, Eunice made her entrance, a vision of elegance in her flowing gown that seemed to float on air, an added touch to her already radiant beauty. “I went against the norm and found my wedding dress before settling on a venue,” recalls the bride. “Since I was already in London, I decided to start my search for a dress early. I scheduled appointments at five bridal stores and ultimately found my perfect dress at Browns Bride. My groom, Solly, had an easier time with his attire as his tux was made by the talented Nigerian designer Mai Atafo.” Solly, waiting at the altar, couldn’t help but be captivated by her grace and the love that shone in her eyes. The vows they exchanged were heartfelt and sincere, their words carrying the weight of a lifetime of promises. The room was filled with a hushed silence as if the universe itself held its breath, witnessing this profound moment of love and commitment.


Following the ceremony, guests were invited to a lavish reception, where the ethereal theme continued to weave its magic and create a celestial ambience. “We wanted to capture the essence of spring with a touch of ethereal romance.” The menu was a culinary masterpiece, with each dish carefully crafted to tantalise the senses and ignite the taste buds. As the night progressed, the dance floor became a stage for the couple’s love to shine. Eunice and Solly moved together effortlessly, their steps perfectly synchronized, as if they were floating on a cloud. The music filled the air, carrying the joy and happiness of the celebration, while guests watched in awe, their hearts filled with the beauty of true love.


PLANNER: La Fête VENUE: The Langham, London FLORIST: Farima Perry PHOTOGRAPHER: Antonia Katerina Photography VIDEOGRAPHER: RL Films CAKE: Anna Lewis Cake Design DRESS: Galia Lahav SHOES: Jimmy Choo HAIR: Deborah Lola MUA: Joy Adenuga DJ: DJ BAJ BAND: Eight Ray Music-Okiem, Jukebox PASTOR: Pastor Tai – Worship Tabernacle TUX: Mai Atafo

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