Eleni & Mason

Made unforgettable memories on the beach that will endure a lifetime…


Basking in the warm embrace of the Grecian sun, Eleni and Mason’s love story came to life overlooking the shimmering sea. Their journey began with a romantic proposal on a secluded island in Clearwater, Florida, and culminated in a small, intimate ceremony with 176 cherished

guests in attendance. As the first light of day graced the charming Greek villas, the air was filled with the enchanting melody of ABBA’s ‘Mamma Mia’, courtesy of Eleni’s father, who roused everyone from their slumber. The morning unfolded into a joyous brunch lovingly prepared by Eleni’s mother, setting the stage for a day of love and cherished memories.


“I was together with my mother, sisters, grandmother and bridal attendants, who all made me feel like a princess while getting ready,” recounts the bride. Eleni’s wedding gown, a vision of otherworldly beauty, was selected with love and care at CiCi’s Bridal, where she was accompanied by her mother, sisters, and grandmother. Adorned in her exquisite gown and cathedral veil, Eleni embodied the essence of a modern-day princess as she floated down the aisle towards Mason.

The groom looked dashing dressed in a classic black formal tuxedo, which added an aura of timeless elegance to the ceremony. Amidst the enchanting ambience of the Greek landscape, it was a bittersweet day for the bride, for it bore witness to a poignant moment that would forever be etched in Eleni’s heart. The joy of her father’s presence, as he walked her to the church and shared a dance with her at the reception, was a precious gift that would be cherished for eternity. Little did they know that he would depart from this life a mere three weeks later, leaving behind a legacy. “The most precious, priceless part of the day was the gift of my parents, having my father walk me to the church and dance with me at the reception, not knowing he would leave this life just 3 weeks later.”


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As the sun set on the horizon, the newlyweds and their guests twirled into the night to a medley of symphonies. The traditional Greek music intertwined seamlessly with the wedding’s white and gold theme, infusing the air with an enchanting aura of cultural richness and sophistication. The venue was adorned with an exquisite array of flowers, each bloom meticulously chosen to symbolise the couple’s enduring love. The delicate stephanotis, lush peonies, graceful roses and vibrant hyacinths all intertwined to create a stunning display that mirrored the couple’s profound and everlasting bond, a poetic homage to their enduring love. Against the canopy of the starlight sky, the gentle sea breeze whispered its blessings encapsulating the enduring romance of the island into their forever.

The Dream Team

PLANNER: Olga Georgiadi Collection PHOTOGRAPHER: Kostantinos Art Photography RECEPTION VENUE: Kassandra Bay Resort WELCOME DINNER VENUE: Obatis RestaurantCAKE: Ariston Bakery FLORALS: Flower Edem & Eleazar Castellanos DRESS & VEIL: CiCi’s Bridal

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