Carbon From The Sky For Diamonds: Why Climate Should Be The Fifth C

When searching for a diamond, you’ll get to know the four C’s – cut, colour, clarity and carat. Here’s why you should consider climate as the fifth C.

Picking out a proposal ring for your partner is a powerful moment in your love story. It’s an emblem of your engagement, a circle of your solidarity, and a promise for your future. Walking into the world of diamonds is also an educational process, where you’ll come to understand the universal grading system defined by four hallmarks of quality. Here’s a guideline to the renowned 4 C’s and an extra climate credential that distinguishes Skydiamond as the ultimate diamond producer of the future.

Skydiamond Sustainable Engagement Rings

1. CUT

Experienced Diamond Cutters understand the way that light refracts through precious stones when they are cut into different shapes, such as Round, Pear, Oval, Marquise, and more. Once cut, the grading process then takes brightness, dispersion, scintillation, weight ratio, durability, polish, and symmetry into consideration. The better the cut, the more brilliant the sparkle!

Skydiamond Cut


When it comes to colour, Diamond Graders are actually measuring the lack of colour in the stone. To do this, they inspect against a pure white surface, with specific lighting and viewing conditions. Typically, the less colour, the more valuable the diamond, or if you’re drawn to the rainbow colours of Fancy-Colour diamonds, they have an entirely different scale.

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Every diamond is unique and can be marked or blemished during its formation. These ‘inclusions’ tell the story of the diamond, like a fingerprint. Gemmologists use a clarity grading scale to measure each diamond’s purity, by evaluating the size, number, nature, location and colour of the inclusions. Usually, the more flawless the diamond, the higher its value.

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Carat refers to the weight of the diamond, using a special weighing scale. One carat is the equivalent of 0.2 grams, and a larger carat determines a higher value. However, the carat of the diamond doesn’t necessarily indicate its size, as you could have two one-carat diamonds next to each other, yet one is larger than the other.

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In today’s world, where the alarming impacts of global warming continue to escalate, consumerism must be conscious of its effects on the climate. Rather than scouring the earth for traditional diamonds, Skydiamond has changed the future of the industry by mining from the sky at their Diamond Works in the Cotswolds. By harvesting carbon from the polluted air and refining it to its essence, they work in harmony with Mother Nature to develop the world’s cleanest diamonds. Skydiamond has also proudly partnered with UK-based AnchorCert Gemmological Laboratory, to ensure the maximum quality and traceability standards of every diamond. Remarkable and revolutionary, Skydiamond paves the way for a more brilliant tomorrow.

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