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30 Wedding Venue Styling Ideas

Style your day, your way

Your venue is the centre of your big day and inspires the overall atmosphere for your guests, so make sure the theme reflects your own personality. Have a look at these theme ideas to get some inspiration...


Common Themes


1. Rustic

The rustic wedding has been in fashion for a while now, and understandably so, these rustic weddings are perfect for integrating warmth with woods, cosy linens and throws and decor like dried flowers, candles and fairy lights. As an extra, opt for an autumn or winter wedding to really coincide with this theme.

Tip: use an old plank of wood to create signs for your wedding and complete the natural, rustic style, have a look on Pinterest for some more ideas.

2. Elegant

Style your wedding with this classic, romantic style. Elegant weddings will always be a great choice, with elaborate displays, airy dining rooms, chandeliers, luxurious textures like sheer fabrics and silks, and decorations like candelabras and floral arrangements which just shout “elegancy". To really encapsulate this theme, pick a grand venue like a castle for a fairytale style wedding. Pick a long a-line dress to exude an elegant feel, with long flowing locks and a subtle, natural makeup look to ensure your day is timeless. 


3. Abroad

This is a really common choice and it’s not hard to see why, with the ability to have your service anywhere in the world, why not choose your dream destination and incorporate your honeymoon all into one. Does a beautiful French reservoir or a Spanish vineyard sound ideal to you, or how about a city scape, with the quirky architecture in Germany as your backdrop, or the middle of Paris for a romantic Eiffel Tower view for your service? Or how does meeting the love of your life at the end of an Italian aisle in the country sound? If all that sounds perfect to you, opt for your wedding abroad and you won’t be disappointed.


4. Boho

‘Boho’ or Bohemian is full of florals and textures, incorporating rustic woody colour palettes with overflowing tables into your styling. More is more in this instance. This type of style isn’t minimalist, it’s maximalist; think hippie beach house, this type of wedding would be perfect for mid-Spring to Summer to complement the style perfectly. This style is ideal for the free-spirited couple looking for a laid back wedding. The bohemian wedding is a theme that allows you to borrow from all your favourite inspirations, after all, the definition of bohemian is 'unconventional in an artistic way'.


5. Cottage Garden

This style is perfect for Spring or Summer. A cottage garden wedding would ideally be set in an old cottage with hidden gardens bursting with vibrant perennials. It’s suited to a couple who love the traditional and beautiful things in life, a bouquet of baby’s breath and periwinkle blue or rosey pink blooms would complement this style perfectly. Use plant pots as tablecentres and British blooms to take yourselves back to nature and embrace the cottage garden style.


6. Vintage

This theme is a classic one, vintage styling would embrace a bygone era where dancing was encouraged and jazz music was blasting. The bride’s dress would be something timeless and traditional, with reds in the colour palette, think 'The Great Gatsby' with flirty hair and bold makeup to suit this style. This is perfect for a couple who love the vintage era, it’s a great way to incorporate your interests into your wedding. Make sure to add a grand piano and a pianist to the reception room for a relaxing but very vintage atmosphere.


7. Barn

Similar to the farmhouse wedding, a barn wedding can celebrate everything rustic, and bohemian. You can incorporate just about any style in this type of wedding, however the indie and country style seems to merge very well with a barn wedding. This type of wedding is for the laid-back couple who love good times with family and friends. The good thing about having a wedding in a barn is that they’re typically spacious and you can decorate the venue abundantly. Add live-music and this is a perfect casual wedding style.


8. Eco-conscious

This theme is for those who are conscious about the impact a wedding can  have on the environment, with items typically being used once and thrown away after, all the cut flowers and food wastage. An eco-conscious wedding would typically be held in a local venue, with local suppliers being used and DIY decor, reusables and recyclables, keeping in mind food waste, consumables and get anything they can second-hand such as suits, wedding dresses, etc. Tip: DIY some old jars from and reuse them as candle holders for the reception table.


9. Contemporary

A contemporary wedding theme is one that a modern couple could adopt for their wedding day. To get the contemporary feel, the bride will have her hair in a low bun wearing a modern mermaid or empire style wedding dress. The groom will have a  modern suit of navy blue or grey, with neat well-groomed hair and facial hair. The venue will look simple but extravagant, think large windows, fancy florals and centrepieces. The reception will be airy and tables will be dressed with bold fabrics and tableware.


10. Traditional

When you think of a traditional wedding you think of a Church wedding, dresses and suits will be classically styled, keeping to typical wedding traditions such as usher and ring bearers, professional photographers, cutting the cake, and a bridal bouquet toss. This style is typically understated but elegant and usually include religious connotations. This style would be perfect for the old fashioned couple who admire traditional bride and groom values.




11. Outdoor

An outdoor wedding makes for a largely romantic theme, make sure to choose a season in which the weather is on your side, outdoor weddings can be a great way to have a large amount of people and at a cheaper cost, with the availability to hire marquees, you can really cut down costs of paying for a grand venue. Opt for an outdoor wedding and you’ll have a truly magical wedding, with nature as your setting.


12. Forest

This style goes hand in hand with outdoor weddings, however, forest weddings are so whimsical, charming and intimate, a team of great wedding planners can help bring this idea to life and help you achieve the fairytale forest wedding of your dreams. Think bright green leaves, moss and a cosy woody colour palette. If the weather really isn’t on your side, be safe and opt for an open frame tent within your forest so you can still have the wedding of your dreams.


13. Beach

This one is for the beach babes out there! Similar to the bohemian style; walk barefoot down the aisle on soft sandy shores and breathe in the sea air as you  say “I do.” What could be better? Again, dress up your wedding with a pampas arch to exude beach vibes. With textures like linens and rattan, and are earthy colour scheme, you can really create a laid-back paradisiacal feel for your wedding day. Put some beach waves and a few small plaits in your hair and you’re sorted for your beach wedding!


Alternative Weddings


14. Movie/ TV Theme

This theme is for the film or TV buffs out there, take Game of Thrones, The Great Gatsby, Bridgerton or Downton Abbey for example, this theme could be tailored to your favourite film or TV show, it’s a great way to incorporate yours and your partner’s shared interests.


15. Travel

This could be literal travel or symbolic travel. Your wedding can incorporate places you and your partner have visited together, places you would like to go, etc. If you share an interest of travel with your partner this is a great style to go for. Alternatively, you could have your wedding abroad, and really incorporate your love of travel with your partner and loved ones on your special day.


16. Tropical

Similar to boho, this is a largely island theme or could incorporate rainforest into it, with large palm fronds and monstera, an abundance of plants would suit this wedding style, you can be subtle with this theme, or take it to the extreme and really recreate a jungle with plants as the main focus of the wedding.


17. Festival

A festival themed wedding is very  convivial; with large marquees in a field, live music and unlimited drinks. If yourself and your partner love a good festival, why not incorporate it for your wedding day?


18. Scandinavian/ Hygge

Scandi style has had a rise in popularity over the years thanks to IKEA, however this can be a really lovely wedding style, the ‘hygge’ values of Scandinavia embraces cosy living, and the belief in community and the simple  things in life. To add a Scandinavian feel to your wedding, similar to the rustic theme, using textures like wood and cosy fabrics, bench tables and candle lighting to cosy up the place.


19. Elopement

However quite a common choice, it is considered an alternative wedding style choice. Eloping provides couples with an intimate wedding service, whereupon they can spend time somewhere beautiful to say their vows, typically you would be able to get an eloping package in which you can get a photographer and stylist included.


20. Shabby-chic

With this theme, you can go with anything, incorporate the things you admire in your everyday life into your wedding. This a great one for up-cycling. You can style your wedding however you want with salvaged goods, and you could DIY some decor to make it look very shabby chic, and go for a colour palette full of vibrant or pale colours, it’s up to you! A shabby-chic wedding is typically relaxed and laid back.


21. Gothic

This one is for the gothic couples out there who want their big day to encapsulate who they are, it’s an alternative choice to a Halloween wedding in the way it doesn’t have to seem scary with Vampiric elements, it can be an understated way to incorporate the the theme, just by adding various dinner candles, black napkins with a dark colour palette. Go for florals like red, white or pale pink roses and moody ambience. If you want to go all out with the gothic theme, come up with a gothic style cocktail list for those who want to give the gothic style a go.


Holiday themed Weddings


22. Christmas

A Christmas wedding is perfect for those looking to create an idyllic winter wonderland. The most important part of this theme is to choose the perfect winter wedding venue, opt for a venue that has a lot of surrounding woodland area and green space, if it’s a particularly frosty time, your Christmas themed wedding should feel like a Hallmark card. This theme can be taken one or two ways, you can either go rustic and understated with a few wreaths, pine, red berries and perhaps some crackers on the tables, or you could go over-the-top with bright colours and candy canes. Whichever way you go, a Christmas wedding can make your Christmas dreams come true!


23. Valentine’s Day

For a Valentine’s Day themed wedding, the odds are in your favour. Valentine’s Day is a day solely dedicated to love and the love you have for your partner, so why not have your wedding on that day? Decorate with hearts and flowers, include a colour palette of pinks and reds, love notes galore and simple touches, heart shaped props and gestures throughout.


24. Halloween

If you’re not into all the glitz and glam of a traditional wedding a Halloween themed wedding can be a great alternative. Choose a grand gothic venue, dress your dinner table with white pumpkins and long black dinner candles. The bride could wear dark makeup or lipstick, with lots of lace details in the dress or veil.


25. Easter

When it comes to an Easter wedding, you can either set your wedding day on Easter, or it could just be a couple who love all things Easter, this can be a nod to religion or it could be a cute pastel coloured themed wedding with some Easter aspects involved. Accessories are a great way to incorporate Easter into your big day, a pop of pale yellow, or baby blue could add that playful feel to your day. Have an Easter egg hunt with the little ones for the entertainment aspect.


Seasonal Weddings


26. Winter

Having a Winter wedding can make for a stunning theme, with white and blue decorations, mirroring the look of icicles, you can really have a fairytale style wedding with a Winter theme. The bride’s white dress will look amazing amongst the other crisp white decor. Accessorise with some sparkling crystals or diamonds,  a fur coat or shawl and classic  makeup and hair. A venue typically would be held somewhere indoors but overlooking a Winter scene.


27. Spring

This is a perfect choice for an outdoor wedding, breezy Spring days with the abundance of florals and bright colours and fabrics. We associate Spring with a pale pastel colour palette, however, Spring flowers can also be bright and vibrant. To really embrace a Spring wedding, how about adding some embroidered flowers to your wedding gown. Here are a few ideas on Pinterest.


28. Summer

Summer is an idyllic setting for your wedding, think outdoor wedding without the need to layer up. Design your venue with eucalyptus and pale florals, a pastel colour palette, and add some pale pink roses to your wedding bouquet. Some items in a Summer wedding might include garden games, cocktail bars and outdoor seating. We love a Summer wedding!


29. Autumn

Autumn is the seasonal underdog, the beautiful rust shades of Autumn leaves and golden sunrises and sunsets. Autumn can make a blissful setting for you on your Wedding day. Opt for dried floral arrangements, some orange shades in your bouquet and makeup to pay homage to the Autumn colours. Scatter some hay bales and some pumpkins and dried leaves around to really encapsulate the feeling of Autumn, serve festive food such as pumpkin pie and pumpkin spiced drinks and you have yourself an Autumnal wedding paradise.


We hope you got some inspiration from some of these themes, don’t worry about sticking to only one theme, you can take aspects from each theme and incorporate them together for your wedding, sort of like a mix and match, but maybe don’t mix up the Winter Beach wedding or you might get a bit cold!



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