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Brush-Up Your Wedding With Blame Her Ranch

Live event painting is the next big wedding trend! Linda from Blame Her Ranch, New Mexico, showcases their latest work of art.

Probably the coolest and most unique trend for weddings today is to hire an artist (or artists) to create a one-of-a-kind painting during your wedding and reception. Blame Her Ranch were ahead of the curve, enabling couples to capture their stunning events on canvas... BHR Owner Linda Blamer shares how the creative process works.

Blame Her Ranch Wedding Painting_Maura Jane Photography

Maura Jane Photography

Blame Her Ranch now offers wedding couples the opportunity to hire our local artist team for their special day. Santa Fe, New Mexico, has over 250 galleries and people come from around the world to enjoy its art community and artistic atmosphere. Why not the wedding couple as well?

Recently, Laura Tarnoff and Mickey Bond of Artful Soul Creative Experiences Santa Fe (two professional artists), spent over 6 hours at Mackenzie and Tristin’s wedding creating an expressive acrylic painting the couple will own and cherish forever. Some artists create pieces with a more portrait-like feel, but Laura and Mickey left that work to the photographer. Instead, the artists consulted the couple in advance to learn what elements of their ceremony and reception were most meaningful to them. This gave the opportunity to make a truly one-of-a-kind work of art.

In the case of Mackenzie and Tristin, the artists incorporated a special Native American Wedding vase and antlers into their acrylic painting as well as the couple’s wedding colours, flowers and the landscape at BHR. The more information and inspiration our BHR artists can gather before the live painting session, the more meaningful and sentimental the art will be to the couple.

Blame Her Ranch Event Painting_Maura Jane Photography

Maura Jane Photography

What is particularly unique about this new trend, is that wedding guests get to see the art unfold before their eyes and the newlyweds walk away with an incredible keepsake and heirloom to display in their home. Custom live paintings of this nature are not limited to weddings as Laura and Mickey can live-paint at corporate events and family gatherings. Everyone wants to be an artist, and now BHR guests can join in the creativity. In addition to painting something for you, Mickey and Laura can set up a special painting station for the wedding party and guests to get involved too.

Blame Her Ranch is an exclusive wedding venue near Sante Fe in New Mexico. Find out more at and on Instagram at @blameherranchsantafe

Words by Special Features Editor Linda


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