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14 Popular Flower Trends in 2022

Popular flowers in 2022

Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life, which puts a lot of pressure on you to make decisions regarding the big day. If you’re struggling to choose a specific theme for your wedding bouquet, consider this list of the most popular wedding flower trends in 2022.


1. Pampas grass

Pampas has been a popular choice all through recent wedding history, with these boho bunches stealing the show throughout weddings in 2021 through to January 2022. Combine pampas and bunny tails, with a beige colour palette and fresh sprigs of eucalyptus in your bouquet and you will be doing this trend right. Consider this trendy and rustic bouquet trend for your wedding and wow your guests.


2. Dried wedding flowers

Dried wedding flowers are a sustainable choice, but not only that, they provide you with an ever-lasting keepsake from your wedding day. Dried flowers ooze country rustic, wedding in Florence vibes. The sunny hues of a sunshine yellow bouquet just sings Summer wedding. Or alternatively, opt for a dried baby’s breath with lilac and pale pink and rosy accents for a cotton-candy dream bouquet to complement the colour palette of your wedding.


3. Pocketful of posies

Sometimes less is more, and this wedding flower trend does just that in this instance. Smaller bouquets steal the show with delightfully delicate wildflower posies. Think walk through the British countryside picking wildflowers kind of vibe. These understated, eye-catching beauties are the epitome of elegance and femininity. Types of flowers that go into a smaller styled bouquet include; daisies, sweet peas, cosmos and baby’s breath, just to name a few.


4.  Bold and bright

If subtle and understated don't fit into your vocabulary, then instead think eye-catching, attention grabbing bold and beautiful bouquets with an array of mix and match colours. Mix violet purples and pinks, with pops of red and fiery orange. Go for statement flowers such as sunflowers, anemones, dahlias and ranunculus. This kind of bouquet speaks for itself, pair with a boldly dressed bride and you have yourself a modern day bridal beauty.


5. Seasonal and sustainable

Sustainability is an ethos that is on trend right now and should always be taken into consideration. Being sustainable whilst choosing your style of wedding bouquet can be achieved through sourcing local and in-season flowers so that you’re not purchasing imported flowers with a big carbon footprint. The movement of “grown not flown” is trending at the moment, so make your wedding bouquet environmentally friendly this year. Also, local flowers can be a beautiful way to pay homage to the place you live, incorporating pieces of your world into your wedding day.


6. Textured florals

Textured florals are making their way into 2022, with less brides opting for classic rosy posies and more textured florals and foliage in their bouquets. This is a great way to introduce more overlooked flowers into wedding bouquets. Having flowers that aren’t typically used is a great way to add a special touch to your big day, try using heavy greenery, the combination of different textured flowers add intrigue to your florals.


7. Lily of The Valley

A style of bouquet favoured by Kate Middleton, Grace Kelly, Princess Diana and Meghan Markle is making a comeback in 2022. The elegant, classic bouquet celebrates royalty and rare beauty which is a great choice for the bride-to-be’s this year. Choosing a one flower bouquet to create an alluring, unique posy with fragile cascading tendrils will truly wow your guests.


8. Cascading flowers

An unconventional choice of bouquet for the non-traditional bride, with semi-cascading flowers creating a fairytale illusion. With Rapunzel-esque trestles, these flowers are enough to make anyone swoon. Flowers such as sweet-peas, roses, cornflowers, ivy and eucalyptus create an mesmerising bouquet for the modern brides.


9.  Pastels

Dark hues like navy blue and dark green will be less prevalent this year as pastels make a comeback. With light blues and pale pinks, you are bound to wow in your wedding this year. Delicate hydrangeas, roses, gypsophilas, freesias, lisianthus and white bunny tails make a whimsical posy for spring.


10. Natural, earthy tones

With the love of boho style over the years, natural, earthy tones take the spotlight in 2022, with dark green foliage, beige, rust, muted orange, pale peaches and mauve to warm up your wedding day and welcome your guests with a comfortable embrace. Pair with a chic table-scape, with dark green accents and woven placements, with bronze and copper details.


11. Pomander

This style has been adopted by flower girls throughout history, but in recent years brides are adopting this style of wedding bouquet for themselves. With these beautiful round bouquets, you’ll be the belle of the ball. Typically adorned with roses and peonies, however you can be creative with this style, using less common florals such as hydrangeas or jasmine. The pomander style will be sure to make its way back into weddings in 2022.


12. Hand-tied

Tie the knot with hand-tied bouquets. You can choose an array of flowers, lengths and colour palettes with a hand-tied bouquet. This style of bouquet is good for giving the effect of a laid-back hand picked bouquet. Opt for plenty of greenery and big bold flowerheads to make a statement. With your hand-tied bouquet, you can style it however you want, as though you’ve grabbed it from a florist on the way to your wedding. With the wide array of options, it’s no wonder these beautiful bunches are a popular choice for weddings in recent times.


13. Pure White

This year we will be seeing a lot more of monochrome colour palettes, with pure white wedding flowers making for a serene bouquet. Include cotton, trailing orchids, white roses and some fresh sprigs of greenery for some subtle ethereal beauty amongst your arrangement. Opt for a semi-cascading bouquet and merge the two trends for a truly stunning bouquet in 2022.


14. Periwinkle Blue or “Very Peri”

Pantone’s colour of 2022; ‘Very Peri’ has been named as colour of the year, so expect to see splashes of periwinkle blue hues in colour palettes amongst up-and-coming weddings. Maybe even expect to see actual blue periwinkles in amongst floral bouquets. Other typically blue flowers include Anemones, Bluebells, Hyacinths, Myosotis, Allium, Agapanthus and Eryngiums. These hues of blue make for a mesmerising bouquet with the colour representing hope for a brighter future, it’s a great message to send with your wedding bouquet.



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