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20 Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Let us entertain you!

Often times, choosing the right form of entertainment for your wedding can be one of the biggest chocies to make, and can be quite overwhelming to pick, so we've listed some common and uncommon wedding entertainment for you to get inspiration from.


1. Gospel Choir


Raise the roof with a chorus of Gospel singers as you make your way down the aisle. The soulful sound will create a celebratory atmosphere and set the tone for an unforgettable day ahead. If you’d like to add a surprise element to the service, some choirs offer a ‘flash mob’ appearance, where the singers erupt out of the congregation into song. Discover to find out more.


2. Lawn Games

Scattering a selection of outdoor lawn games at summer weddings creates a fun, interactive experience for your friends and family. Games such as Croquet, Giant Jenga, Connect Four and Chess make icebreakers for guests and all ages can get involved. Have a look at for ideas and inspiration.


4. Food Stations

As the drinks begin to flow, why not spark conversation and show your guests a taste of what’s to come with a selection of beautifully presented food stations? They make an exciting, immersive experience for your guests and allow you to showcase a variety of cuisines. Explore Bubble Food to show the canapé creations that are possible. 


4. Grazing Board

Grazing boards make a spectacular centrepiece at your evening wedding reception. Your guests can pick and choose from charcuterie, cheeses and gourmet snacks that are featured on the platter of savoury delicacies. Have a look at Berry and Brie to see their edible works of art!


5. Fireworks Display

For a real showstopper, nothing beats a fireworks display at your wedding celebration. From rockets and Catherine Wheels to glittering sparklers that light up the night sky, your guests will be mesmerised by the kaleidoscope of colour. Check out Phenomenal Fireworks at Firework Display to speak with a specialist about your vision.


6. Mixologist

Food and drink are some of the key components of a successful wedding, and personalised cocktails are thirst-quenching ways to engage your guests. There is an eclectic choice of spirits and mixers out there, but hiring an expert mixologist can bring them to life. Hire a creative bartender at Fresh Mint Entertainment.


7. Food Trucks

If your wedding is predominantly outdoors, food trucks make fun and casual way to cater for your event. It enables guests to choose their favourite dishes and come back for second helpings! From fish and chip vans and hog roasts to wood-fired pizza and ice cream, there are so many sweet and savoury options to pick from. Check out Dough and Deer for authentic pizzas served from a Land Rover.


8. Silent Disco

Want to continue the party but are afraid of waking the neighbours? A silent disco could be your perfect entertainment solution! Play your favourite tunes through calibrated headphones and dance the night away uninterrupted with all your friends and family. Have a look at The Silent Disco Company to find out more information.


9. Magician

Sprinkle some mind-blowing magic throughout your wedding day by hiring a roaming magician. From clever card tricks to jaw-dropping mind-reading, magicians will liven up your cocktail hour or bring a touch of mystery at your wedding banquet. For original tricks that keep your guests guessing, contact


10. Caricaturist

Add a touch of eccentricity to your wedding reception with an event caricaturist. Caricaturists like Ivo at will exaggerate each sitter’s features to transform their image into a playful cartoon character. The amusing sketches are always a hit with guests and they double up as great wedding favours to take home.


11. Sparkler Send-off

When it's time for the wedding couple to start their new married chapter, making a grand exit is a fitting way to round up the event. Sparkler send offs are growing in popularity and make gorgeous photo backdrops against the night sky. The guests line up in two rows and hold sparklers up in the air as the couple walk through the trail of golden light.


12. Flower Crown Making

An enchanting activity for festival style weddings is hiring a florist to create headdresses for your wedding party. Guests can pick and choose their favourite blooms from the stand and your floristry expert will weave them into a beautiful wedding accessory. Enquire at your local florist to discuss your themes and what’s seasonal. 


13. Animal Petting

Animal lovers will jump at any chance to incorporate friendly alpacas on their wedding day. Known for their gentle and playful natures, alpacas add a heartwarming touch to your event flow and the all-important wedding photos. Explore for packages and venue partners across the UK.


14. Live Painter

What greater way to capture the magic of your wedding than in a personalised painting? Whilst you're soaking up every moment, a talented artist can work away in the background detailing everything they see. Whether you’d like your venue painted or the dance floor in full swing, check out artists like Stephanie Paints Things to spark your imagination.


15. Pimp Your Prosecco

A glass of fizz is always the best way to kick off your reception celebrations, so there’s no surprise why pimp your prosecco stations have become a popular wedding trend. The DIY station displays pretty jars of peach purees, elderflower cordials and fruit garnishes for guests to add a touch of extra flavour and colour to their drinks. 


16. Ice Cream Roll Bar

Ice cream rolls are the next wedding dessert trend, where your chosen flavour is made from scratch right in front of your eyes. Juicy fruits, ice cream mix and delicious toppings are chopped, spread and frozen on a minus 30-degree plate, then spiralled into neat rolls. Check out to see their Instagram-worthy catering stalls. 


17. String Quartet

Create a sophisticated atmosphere with a live string ensemble at your ceremony or in the background at your wedding breakfast. The violinists and cellists can play a range of tunes, from classical hymns to acoustic pop and Disney soundtracks. If you’re looking for a talented quartet of string platers, contact


18. Circus Performers

Wandering circus performers can amp up the atmosphere and create a focal point on your wedding day. From fire breathers to aerial acrobats, jugglers to living statues, these spectacular acts are always a great source of entertainment. Get in touch with Circus Uncertainty to book your favourite performers.


19. Ceilidh

Ceilidh is a lively, Scottish tradition that brings all your wedding guests together on the dance floor. Whether your guests are seasoned dancers or complete beginners, the group routines are fun to learn and enjoy. Hire a professional Ceilidh band like Licence to Ceilidh to guide you through all the moves. 


20. Singing Waiters

Singing Waiters inject a sense of fun and energy into any wedding reception.Throughout the evening, your guests will be served by a group of polite waiting staff, who will later break out into a chorus of songs and surprise the entire audience! Discover Singing Waiters to book West End and classically trained singers.



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