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6 Wedding Confetti Alternatives

Planning a picture-perfect confetti wedding exit after your ceremony? We’ve got you covered with 6 unique wedding confetti ideas.


Confetti is a popular tradition to celebrate the new union of a bride and groom on their wedding day. From baskets, bags and poppers filled with petals to a large confetti canon, showering the bride and groom creates that perfect photo opportunity as the newlyweds walk out of their ceremony. But where did it all begin and what are the best wedding confetti alternatives are there?

The experts at ethical jewellers Ingle & Rhode have explored the history of confetti and offer new wedding confetti ideas that can be used as part of the celebrations on your big day.

What is the story behind the tradition of confetti at weddings?


The word confetti originates from Italy and is derived from an Italian confectionary of the same name. Since the 1300s, wedding guests have thrown items over couples to wish them fertility and prosperity. Confetti included rice, seeds, sugar-coated nuts and even eggs and mud! These caused a huge mess and could have hurt the couple, so the Victorians made paper confetti popular in the 1800s instead.

A spokesperson for Ingle & Rhode said: “The wedding confetti toss is a colourful and fun way of expressing joy for the bride and groom at their wedding and to wish them luck for the future. But sometimes venues do not allow it to be thrown as it can be difficult to clear up long after the ceremony has finished. Plus, brides and grooms are looking for more environmentally friendly alternatives. We have explored some of the many sustainable DIY wedding confetti ideas that they can choose to use instead of paper confetti.”

Here are some ideas from Ingle & Rhode to use as alternative wedding confetti for guests:


1. Rice Confetti


Some couples like to keep up with traditional wedding trends and rice is something that has been used as confetti for centuries. The rice is a symbolic wish to the newly married couple for prosperity and fertility. However, as rice is very starchy, it forms a slick layer when wet and it can make walkways very slippery for wedding guests!


2. Popcorn Confetti


A lighter and kinder option than rice, popcorn is a popular choice for those looking for something a little different. This is also a cheap biodegradable confetti option and should cause less mess than paper or rice - as long as you use the plain variety. The result? A delicious edible confetti display and playful wedding confetti images.


3. Bubble Confetti


Bubble are a fun and exciting option for people who want to help the couple celebrate their big day in style without any mess. Sure to keep children and adults alike entertained, their iridescent colours look great in the wedding photos and the bubble bottles double up as confetti wedding favours for your guests.


4. Dried Flower Confetti


This biodegradable option is becoming increasingly popular at weddings and it’s a fun DIY wedding confetti idea in the lead-up to your special day. Get your friends and family involved by asking them to dry out petals with you! They create a fragrant aroma and can be made in different colours depending on the chosen blooms.


5. Ringing Small Bells 


This can be a great option for couples who want to add some noise to the end of their wedding ceremony! The wedding guests can be given tiny handheld bells to greet the newlyweds as they emerge from the church or venue. Ringing in unison, the bells will create an uplifting atmosphere and leave no mess when you move onto the reception.


6. Leaf Confetti


This is similar to biodegradable dried flower confetti as it creates pleasant aromas and it’s kinder to the environment than traditional confetti. Olive, rosemary and chamomile are types of leaves that create a beautiful fragrance and they often have meanings attached to them, such as peace, friendship, happiness and loyalty.


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