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A-Z of Wedding Planning Advice

A-Z of wedding advice

Planning your wedding doesn’t have to be stressful, you can make it fun with this simple and easy to follow A-Z of wedding planning.

We give you advice on all things to do with wedding planning in an easy to read way.


Arrange a time for you and your partner to sit together, with no outside distractions and just start taking notes and organising what you want and what you don’t want.


B -


Be prepared to change your ideas, and then again, and maybe again after that!


C -

Cutting guest lists. Oh, the dreaded guest list! We know how difficult it can be to make cuts, but sometimes you have to.. especially if the budget is tight.


D -

Don’t stress about the little things. Wedding planning is hard enough as it is, without having to stress about minor details.


E -

Elect a wedding planner. This is a fool-proof way to ensure your day goes smoothly with everything yourself and your fiancé want incorporated.


F -

Find the perfect venue that’s the perfect match for you. Some places have exclusive use so you and your wedding party can relax and enjoy the venue that you’ve picked out without worry.


G -

Go dress shopping. This one is an obvious one but we can’t stress enough how important trying on your dress is before you buy it. So many times women will see a dress they love online and then hate the dress that arrives. Dress shopping is not only a passage of wedding planning but you will get more of a feel of your dress this way, and you’re more likely to find the dress of your dreams!

H -

Hen do’s. Plan the best hen do, ladies! You only get to have your hen party once, so make sure it’s one to remember! Whether that’s a night on the town with your besties or a relaxing spa day with your nearest and dearest. Make sure to go alll out!

I -

Invest in comfy wedding shoes. Comfortable wedding shoes are a must, as you will be wearing them for many hours on the big day, you don’t want the fact that your feet are in pain to bring your mood down. Make sure to wear them in and make sure you choose practical and comfortable shoes, as much as they have to look good, they should feel good, too.


J -

Just dance! This one is all about preparing for your first dance. The last thing you want is to get on that dance floor, be in the spotlight and crumble under the pressure. You could get some dance lessons with your fiancé in preparation, or just practice your moves at home, whatever you do, make sure you’re confident when the first dance moment arrives, there’s nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable during your all-important first dance in front of all your wedding guests!


K -

Kit yourself out with new wedding night lingerie and pyjamas, that way when your wedding night swings around you will feel pretty and confident in your new kit!


L -

Local suppliers. Opt for local suppliers to reduce costs and is better to have an insight to the local area.


M -

Make sure to have a few makeup trials with your designated makeup artist, that way on the day you won’t have a shock, you will already be anticipating the gorgeous look you’ve prepared. If you’re not opting for a makeup artist and are doing it yourself, it’s still a great idea to practice makeup looks to perfect your wedding day look.


N -

Noteworthy wedding invitations. Make sure to send out the prettiest wedding invitations that all your guests will be talking about, add little touches such as an Accommodation card or an Inner Envelope.


O -

Order of the day. DIY your own order of the day signs or leaflets for guests.


P -

Pick a pocketful of posies! Design your dream wedding bouquet alongside your floral designer, whether you want a pale pink posy to match your wedding scheme or a contrasting dark green and neutral bouquet for a rustic look.


Q -

Quiz your partner on what is a necessity and what isn’t, it’s a good idea to get you priorities in check for the lead-up to your wedding.


R -

Readings! Prepare for readings and practice your wedding speech, to make sure you’ve perfected your words for the big day!

S -

Stay focused. Stay focused on the end result, as wedding planning progresses, stress levels rise between you and your fiancé. It’s important not to take your frustration out on eachother. Try to remember the end result of all this planning, and that’s the celebration of love and joining with your partner.


T -

Trial! It’s a good idea to do dining trials, ceremony rehearsals and other practices before your wedding to sample different foods, get a feel for the venue and to rehearse anything that you’ve put in place for the ceremony.


U -

Understand that all this planning will be worth it, it might seem like the lead-up to your wedding is never-ending and you might just be wishing for it all to be over by now, but the key is patience.


V -

Vendors. Double-check with your vendors and confirm arrival times so that everything is in order and is going smoothly, as it should be.


W -

Wait. This is the difficult one, it might be the night before and you might not be able to sleep with all the excitement, but it’s important to not get too excited the night before your nuptials, you’ll need that beauty sleep!


X -

E(x)ercise healthy eating habits. This is a good one to make sure you’re keeping to throughout your wedding planning, make sure to eat healthily and practice good eating habits to keep your dress fitting to the best of its ability.


Y -

Say Yes. This is the easiest part of your planning, saying yes to marrying the love of your life and your best friend, all that planning was worth it!


Z -

For Zzz… Now that your wedding has finished and all that planning has come to a head, you will be glad to finally get some well-deserved sleep in.


Well done for getting to the end of this article! We hope you enjoyed our wedding planning tips and wish you all the best with married life.

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