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Delicious Vegan Wedding Food Ideas

Vegan catering doesn't have to be boring...

We can all agree that we should try and do our bit for the environment where we can and vegan food alternatives are a great way to get started for your wedding. Whether you’re vegan or you’re just trying to limit meat and dairy intake, these delicious vegan wedding food ideas are sure to make you go mmm…


Hors d’Ouvres

1. Rainbow spring rolls

Add some Asian flair with vibrant colours and oriental flavours. Pair with a sweet chilli dipping sauce and your guests won’t be able to resist these eye-catching nibbles. Find the recipe here!


2. Spinach artichoke cups

These gorgeous little canapés are delicious, with flaky filo or (phyllo) pastry cups and delicious spinach artichoke and vegan mayo filling, your guests will be thinking about these for days to come! Scroll through the recipe.


3. Heart Shaped Vegan Sushi Platter

Incorporate a little bit of romance with this vegan sushi platter. What could be better than vegan sushi? Vegan sushi arranged into a heart! Click here for the recipe.


4. Baked Balsamic Bruschetta

These simple yet delicious appetisers are small enough to be classed as canapés, and they make the best finger food. With delightful balsamic-marinated tomato mixture, Parmesan and fresh basil, you're sure to have your guests coming back for more. Find the recipe here.


5. Mini Leek & Sun-dried Tomato Frittatas

Mini Frittatas are the perfect small bites, delicious, compact and a gastronomical delight. What’s better is you can get creative with the filling. Click here to see more.


Vegan Entrées


1. Risotto with Lemon and Kale

This classy, tasty Italian main is the perfect option for formal dining experience for your guests, rice, creamy sauce, lemon and kale… what’s not to love? The recipe.


2.  ‘Cheesy’ Cannelloni with spinach

The ultimate comfort food, cannelloni has the best of both worlds, pasta and cheese! Although, this cheese sauce is made with cashew cream, a true wonder for the tastes. Recipe.


3. Portobello Mushroom Tofu Tacos

For a fun and casual Mexican menu, these vegan tacos are perfect! With portobello mushrooms, tasty tofu and a spicy herb sauce - how could you say no? Recipe here!


4. “Butter" Cauliflower Curry

This spin on the veggie Butter Cauliflower Curry and Rice is made with a vegan butter alternative, there’s no need to skimp on taste when it comes to this vegan curry. Blow your guests' tastebuds away with this delicious entrée. Vegan Butter Cauliflower recipe.


5. Beetroot Wellington

For a more traditional choice, how about a vegan version of the well-known beef wellington? Jazz it up with delicious beetroot, nutty walnut and serve with nutritious veggies. Click here to see the recipe.


Vegan Desserts


1. Vegan Lemon Cheesecake

A classic dessert staple; dreamy lemon cheesecake. What if we said you could have your cheesecake, and eat it? Without dairy, this vegan lemon cheesecake is a must-have at your wedding! We’re sure it will be very popular. Cheesecake recipe.


2. Blueberry and Lime Tart

This blueberry and lime tart is nothing short of a dream, with the pop of colour brought by the marvellous blueberry, lime to cut through the sweetness and an oat and almond base, you will feel like you’re truly indulging! Recipe found here.


3. A Selection of Fruit Sorbets

If you don’t want to serve cliché ice-cream at your wedding, why not choose a selection of fruit sorbets, you can customise the flavours and serve as many or as little as you want, and better yet, it’s vegan friendly! Click here to see the recipe.


4. Roasted Pears with Salted Caramel

An alternative to stewed pears, this way of roasting the pears provide a unique take on the original pear dessert, the salted caramel modernises a somewhat traditional dessert. If you fancy a bit of extra creaminess, why not serve with dairy free vanilla ice cream. Tasty and dairy free, what’s better? The recipe.


5. Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is a perfect dessert choice for those cosy autumnal weddings. Pumpkin pie, a mainly American dessert, has gained popularity in the U.K. in recent years and the vegan version is sure to be a popular choice. Recipe.



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