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Unique Hen Ideas for Brides with Wanderlust

Creating a fun and varied itinerary makes a hen do all the more memorable. Allison James shares her top tips for a stand-out hen weekend!


Unique Hen Ideas

Future brides are going all out — but this time, it’s for their girl friends. While about 24% of individuals wouldn’t take days off work to attend wedding-related parties a few years ago, spokeswoman Emma Tagg stated that people are now willing to take a leave for three days to celebrate hen dos. These days off are definitely necessary, given that more brides-to-be are setting their hen dos in exotic locations like Amsterdam, Marbella, or Miami.

Want to satisfy your own wanderlust during your hen do? Try these unique ideas:

All-day Feasts

Rhodes in Greece may typically be the choice for couples on a honeymoon, but it’s also a great destination if you’re going on a trip with fellow foodies.

Unique Hen Do Ideas

This gorgeous island has many stunning coastlines, miles of deserted coves and ancient architecture, making each meal a feast for the stomach and soul. In fact, our article on ‘Why Couples Love Going to Rhodes’ highlights that you can enjoy local food while soaking up views of golden beaches and turqoise waters. With picturesque backdrops, sensational food and atmospheric live music, you're guaranteed to have a great time on a hen do in Greece!


Luxury Cruises

It’s no easy feat to plan a wedding, which is why you and your bridesmaids deserve to unwind on a luxury cruise.

Hen Party Cruise

Luxury cruises offer immersive experiences, allowing you to curate lifelong memories with your loved ones. Explora Cruises illustrates that you can arrange inclusive journeys on your way to your target destination that you and your entire entourage can enjoy. You and your bridesmaids can enjoy culinary experiences, unlimited drinks and exclusive spa sessions, while you await your shore excursions in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Hawaii, and more. This trip is a great avenue for melting away any stress before your big day while also seeing the world.

European Camping Trip

Feeling adventurous? You and your bridesmaids can definitely deepen your friendship on a camping trip.

Camping Trip

A camping trip needs specific equipment, but it allows your group to experience the serenity and peace of nature. To illustrate, the BBC points out that your group can explore one of Europe’s highest settlements and even spot some medieval skyscrapers along the Mestia-Ushguli trail. Novice hikers can even enjoy the Caucasus’ dramatic mountains and Svaneti’s unique architecture through the popular 57 km-long Mestia-Ushguli leg.

International Wine Tasting

You can transport yourself to different parts of Europe by driving your friends to a vineyard and tasting the best wines across the region.

Unique Hen Do Ideas

Since your wedding is a celebration of love, you can toast to the event through a wine tasting activity with your friends. You can drive to Appledore, Kent to visit the vineyard of Gusbourne, where the sparkling wines have a close resemblance to those of Champagne, France. You can even enjoy stunning views of Kent’s coastline and feel the soft breeze as you sample various types of wine with your friends.

You deserve to be celebrated in an event that truly represents you. So if you're a bride with a travel bug, take your girl friends on a unique trip that you can all remember for a lifetime. 

Article written by Allison James


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