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Trending Wedding Cake Styles in 2022

Ready, get set, cake!

Serving up the stats on the trendiest wedding cakes of the year…

Professional kitchen suppliers Maxima Kitchen Equipment dish up a wedge of data to rank wedding cakes by popularity. 



Rustic cakes seem to be what everyone is after, coming out top, with a huge 43,700 Instagram hashtags and 16,000 Google searches per month. The cake, which is usually characterised by a thin, buttercream crumb-coating or textured icing and natural decorations such as berries, edible flowers, twine and other earthy components, has been popular for a good few years now, and clearly the trend shows no sign of dwindling.



Cake by Vanilla Pod Bakery

Classic three tier wedding cakes come in second. The style also has 12,500 Instagram hashtags and is searched an average of 5,400 times per month. It is said that the three tiers are often used for different purposes: the bottom layer is for guests at the wedding; the middle tier is for guests that couldn’t attend; the top tier is for the couple and is traditionally saved for the first wedding anniversary or the birth of the first child.



Cake by Earth and Sugar.

Naked wedding cakes rank third with 14,000 searches per month and 32,400 Instagram hashtags. Aptly named, a naked cake has little to no icing, leaving the inside sponge on show.



Cake by The Cotswold Cake Kitchen/

In fourth is the simple wedding cake which is minimalist in design for those wanting something a little more subtle. This style of cake is the most Googled, receiving an average of 21,000 searches monthly. Simple designs also proved to be Instagrammable, racking up 17,200 hashtags - the fifth highest total on the list. 



Cake by Rosalind Miller Cakes.

Closely related to the simple cake design, elegant wedding cakes come in fifth. These are usually white or ivory and have a timeless feel to them. Despite their simplicity they are still popular, with an increase of 179.76% in social discussions since last year. Additionally, they receive an average of 8,100 Google searches monthly and have 10,800 Instagram hashtags. 


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