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5 Questions with 5 Top Photographers

Lights, camera, action!

There’s no greater wedding keepsake than preserving your memories in photo form. To create your dream album, picking out the perfect photographer is the very first step

From the romantic glances on the aisle to the little personal touches at your reception, the unique atmosphere on your wedding day can never be repeated. It’s your one chance to soak up every moment and celebrate in style with your loved ones. As the day draws to a close and your married chapter begins, receiving an album of professional images will help to keep the memories alive. Looking back on beautiful photographs will trigger vivid recollections so that you can enjoy your special day over and over again.

Images really do speak a thousand words, and there’s no better way to share your wedding memories with future generations than through a timeless set of photographs. The best photographers will capture every detail in its best light as well as all the people you’ve invited. They’ll document the love story of your day in visual form, which you can look back on for many years to come.

A photographer’s work is also one of the only physical elements you’ll have left after the wedding, making it one of the most priceless investments into your day. Choosing a good wedding photographer is no easy feat, as there are a lot of factors to consider before you decide who to book. A skilled photographer will be a true artist of their craft, with the ability to capture your best angles in any weather conditions. They’ll blend seamlessly into the wedding party and make you feel comfortable in front of the lens. To help you with your research, read on to find expert tips from professional wedding photographers around the UK...


Leray Photography

How do you make sure that the couple feels comfortable around you and in front of the camera? As a wedding photographer, I believe that there needs to be a real connection between myself and my clients to create relaxed photographs that look and feel unposed. Whether we meet face

to face or over a telephone call, I like to find out as much as possible about them, their plans and their expectations in terms of photography. I’ll then share my portfolio of recent work to make sure the couple connects with my style. The next step in creating a strong connection is a couple’s photo session. This is a great opportunity for us to hang out, get to know each other and have fun whilst I take photos. By the

end of the shoot, they’ll know exactly how I work and I’ll know how to make them at ease in front of the camera. What matters to me is that they have a laugh, enjoy the process and forget about the whole world around them while they’re looking at each other. 


Big Little Dreams Photography

How do you plan for poor weather or lighting?

In adverse wedding weather conditions, I like to go with the flow as that’s when the magic can truly happen. As a photographer, it’s all about being creative, flexible and staying calm for couples. That way it will always be the best day ever no matter what. If anything, when the weather doesn’t go to plan it can be all the more memorable and I enjoy the challenge of finding sparks of light or rainbows after a downpour. After all, what’s more romantic than snuggling up in the cold or capturing a Hollywood vintage grain in the dark so that you look like stars? Whatever happens, my couples trust me as their biggest cheerleader and friend on their big day. I think outside the box for them and easily work around things if need be. I’ll embrace the unexpected and make the most of it. Then when it all comes to an end and they look back on their album, every couple will know that they poured their hearts into the day and that I did too.


Mike Lister Photographer

How do you plan the day with the couple to make sure they end up with the photographs they want but without taking over the entire day?

At Mike Lister, we specialise in weddings, which means that we understand the need to capture everything in real-time as the day unfolds, whilst giving you plenty of space to enjoy the celebrations. Ensuring that clients are happy with their photographs and making the process as easy as possible is our top priority. So by being relaxed, calm and operating smoothly in the background, we create albums that make you fall in love all over again. Our subtle and seamless approach is the reason our clients decide to book with us. In the initial photography consultation, we’ll get to know the couple and find out about their overarching vision. We’ll then plan where we'll be positioned throughout the day and before the wedding, we’ll make a trip to the venue to confirm locations for our couple shots. Some of our favourite images have come from the couples trusting us to do what we do best and capture those moments from afar without interrupting the flow. We are committed to providing Plymouth and the South West with professional photography services that exceed all expectations.


Nick Collison Photography

How do you deliver an authentic photojournalistic story of each wedding day?

When I’m chosen to work at a wedding, I discreetly shoot candid images so that the couple and their guests are not even aware of the lens. I’ll blend harmoniously into the event to enable guests to interact authentically and showcase their natural personalities on camera. Afterwards, when the couple receives the final album, they always praise this fresh alternative to traditional posed wedding photography, as it showcases the true reality of the day. I really enjoy catching the fleeting sentimental conversations and gestures that are filled with meaning. I love working at the fun-loving family-oriented weddings where you fill the day with personal touches. I’ll document the profound moments as well as the little details that make your wedding unique.

Photojournalism is about telling the story of the day without interrupting its flow. Whilst you enjoy every minute of the day, I’ll capture the special atmosphere and the unplanned moments that become the most memorable.


Liberty Pearl Photography

What’s the secret to creating timeless romantic images?

Liberty Pearl is made up of the ‘magic six’, our group of six talented photographers and filmmakers who have been capturing everlasting romance for the past six years. With the experience and equipment to shoot the full breadth of your wedding day, we’ve developed a consistent style that’s both inventive and emotive. Our speciality is photographing couples when they feel totally at ease together, in breathtaking natural settings.

To create timeless wedding photos for our couples, we stick to our six core values: Commitment, our wholehearted belief in the importance of marriage; Keeping it Personal, our unique approach to every couple; Unique to You, our respect for your wedding style and personality;

Nature at The Heart, our desire to capture the beauty of your surroundings; Connection, our dedication to celebrating your relationship with each other, ours with yours and ours as a team; communication, our focus on keeping connected as a collective group of photographers; and passion, our strong passion for our work. These founding principles make up our secret recipe for creating everlasting images every time. 



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