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How to Prep Your Skin for Your Wedding Day

Want to know how to prepare your skin before your wedding day so that it's looking its best? Take a look at our expert tips on skin prep for your big day.

Every bride wants glowing, radiant skin on her wedding day. Getting the best skin of your life for your walk down the aisle will take hard work and dedication, but it will be worth it when you look at your wedding photos for years to come.

In this wedding day skin prep guide, we’ll cover everything from skincare routines to when to schedule a facial or treatment in the weeks before your wedding, as well as some beauty tips to keep those dreaded breakouts at bay. Are you ready? Here are 12 things you should be doing to prepare your skin for your wedding day!


1. Start Early

If you really want to have the best skin of your life in time for your wedding day, you need to start early with a Korean skin care beauty routine to get your skin smooth, radiant, and glowing. Six months to a year before your wedding is the ideal time to start. Korean skincare routines are customisable, so do your research and choose products formulated for your skin type and targeted to your issues. Your daily routine should include a double cleanse, toner, serum, moisturiser, and SPF at a minimum.


2. Schedule Facials 

Every bride should feel spoiled and pampered in the months leading up to her wedding. Schedule monthly facials with your esthetician or dermatologist. Not only will they treat the skin on your face, but they’ll also massage your décolletage, shoulders, and scalp to stimulate blood flow and get your skin glowing in the other areas on show on your wedding day.


3. Take Control of Excess Oil

When you’re on the go, excess facial oil can easily be kept under control with blotting papers. If excess oil is a major issue for you, be sure to adjust your skincare routine to include products intended for oily skin. Always double-cleanse your skin in the morning and evening, use a gentle Korean toner, and go for an oil-free moisturiser that’s lightweight and won’t clog your pores. Avoid alcohol-based toners that strip the skin because they will just kick oil production into overdrive.


4. Clean Up Your Diet

No matter what skin type or skin issue you have, drinking plenty of water is crucial for healthy skin. You should also focus the majority of your diet around fresh fruits and veggies that are also hydrating and loaded with valuable nutrients for the skin and overall health. Some goods ones to focus on are cucumbers, watermelon, leafy greens, tomatoes, and citrus fruits. At the same time, eliminate refined carbs and sugars from your diet as much as possible.


5. Consider Microdermabrasion to Smooth Your Skin and Minimise Pores

Unfortunately, you can’t really shrink the size of your pores; however, you can minimise their appearance through exfoliation. Gentle acids, mild chemical peels, and microdermabrasion will exfoliate away dead skin and clear dirt out of your pores, minimising their appearance. Exfoliating also smooths out the surface of the skin and allows other treatment products to penetrate the skin better.


6. Smooth Rough Areas with a Salt or Sugar Scrub

Don’t forget about the skin on your body. Use a salt or sugar scrub to exfoliate your body in the shower once a week. Be sure to moisturise properly afterward for the best results. If you’ve got some especially rough patches, such as your elbows, try a mild chemical or acid peel like you would use to exfoliate your face.


7. Get Plenty of Exercise

When you exercise, you sweat. Sweating helps the body flush away toxins and impurities from the skin, including deep down dirt and old makeup. Regular exercise can also improve the clarity and tone of your skin because it increases blood flow and improves circulation. Blood is full of nutrients that fill in the tiny gaps between your cells to plump up fine lines, while also slowing the breakdown of collagen.


8. Take Care of Your Lips

It's much easier to prevent your lips from drying out than it is to repair them once they become chapped and dry. Exfoliate your lips daily and apply a lip balm throughout the day to keep them hydrated. If you're out in the sun a lot, make sure your lip balm includes an SPF.

9. Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise

Don't just grab any moisturiser and slather it on. Look for one that's meant for your skin type and targets your needs. If you have oily skin, you want one that hydrates without oil, such as hyaluronic acid. If your skin is dry, go for a thicker formula or even a facial oil because your skin needs the extra moisture. For acne-prone skin, choose a lightweight formula that's noncomedogenic. No matter what skin type you have, go for a facial moisturiser that's fragrance-free. Fragrance is a leading cause of redness and irritation.

10. Reduce Hyperpigmentation with Acid Peels

Acid peels get rid of old skin to expose fresh, new cells. If you have hyperpigmentation, talk to your facialist about scheduling a series of acid peels. Your last one should be scheduled no closer than two months before your wedding to ensure that there's no remaining redness from the peel on your wedding day.


11. Target Skin Issues with Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are a great way to hyper-target specific skin issues with concentrated active ingredients, and they're gentle enough to use at home. You can use them as often as every day to treat issues like dryness, acne, clogged pores, fine lines, hyperpigmentation and much more.


12. Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes can become breeding grounds for acne-causing bacteria. Keep your brushes clean by washing them with a brush cleanser or a mild shampoo once a week. Be sure to dry them with the bristles pointing down so water doesn't get up inside the brush and cause bristles to fall out.


Your big day should be all about you and your spouse-to-be. Following these tips will help you get your skin in tip-top shape, so you have one less thing to stress about.

Words by Donna Maurer

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