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Ways to Personalise your Seating Chart

Want to know how to personalise your seating chart? We've got you, with our 6 creative ways to add personality to your seating chart!

As well as adding to the reception décor and wedding theme, a seating chart will help guests find their seat for the wedding breakfast and avoid any dithering, giving you more time to enjoy the delicious menu you have carefully chosen.

When it comes to creating your seating plan for the wedding breakfast there are many things to consider. Firstly, check with your venue how many guests can be seated at each table, what kind of tables you will have and where they would suggest you display your table plan, as this could influence your final display.

When you start thinking about where to seat guests, we’d recommend that you plan for everyone to be sat with at least one person they know for conversation to flow throughout the meal. Consider seating guests that are hard of hearing away from music systems, so that they can hear other guests at their table. Decide whether you want to seat children with their parents or at a designated children’s table and if you will group your tables into friends, family and colleagues or if you will mix guests. Mapping out the basics will help you when it comes to assigning seats.

As soon as you have received your guest's RSVPs you can start to create the rough plan (there is no point in trying to create your seating plan before you have your RSVPs back, as you will end up re-doing it multiple times). Take some time to sit down and concentrate (maybe with a glass of wine!), and start by drawing out the table layout. Then write each guest's name on individual Post-it notes and start arranging them around the tables you have drawn. Top tip: using sticky notes makes it easier to move guests around without forgetting anyone and make changes until you are happy with the plan without having to start from scratch.

Once you’ve nailed the tricky part and you know where everyone will be sitting, it’s time to get creative! From picture frames to flower pots with tags and printed cotton cloths to sleek boards to display on easels, there are many ways to showcase the finished plan. If you are having the table plan made for you send the details to the supplier around five weeks before the wedding day to give them time to create it. If you are making the plan yourself you could start sooner - especially if the design is elaborate - and then add the names a couple of weeks before the wedding day.

1. Frame It

Use lovely upcycled vintage frames and write your guests names in each frame, or one big frame for your whole seating chart. This is a classy, elegant way to display your seating chart and will definitely catch your guests’ eyes, making the seating arrangements go as smoothly as possible.

2.  Let Them Stand


Why not opt for a classic stand to hang your seating chart from, go for a copper stand decorated with some lovely foliage to add some simple glamour, or choose a natural wooden stand like this one from Smith and The Magpie and dress it with flowers for an essence of beauty and simplicity.

4. Incorporate Your Theme

Add personality to your seating chart by incorporating your theme, like this seaglass wedding seating chart that our Editor-In-Chief, Becci Clubb, used at her coastal wedding. You can really make your seating chart unique by adding a touch of your wedding theme.

5. Relaxed & Rustic

Use a large notice-board style frame to hang your seating chart up, this shabby chic chart uses chicken wire as the backing and wooden pegs to create a relaxed and rustic effect. Dress it with some flowers and foliage so as to add some intrigue.

6. Utilise Calligraphy

A good way to personalise your wedding chart is by using calligraphy. A lot of the time, calligraphy is overlooked and is left as an afterthought. With this gorgeous seating chart by ABCD Weddings, you can tell that there has been a lot of effort put into the styling of this seating chart, with the antique style easel, it oozes class and sophistication.

We hope these 6 creative ideas will help you, whatever you choose to do to personalise your seating chart.

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