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Wedding Bouquets with Bloom & Wild

Whether you're getting married in Spring, or Winter, we have one for all four!

Whether you’re getting married during the Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter, opt for seasonal flowers for your bouquet, not only is this an eco-friendly way to source your wedding bouquet but it is also a lovely way to echo the seasons.

We hand-picked four jaw-droppingly stunning seasonal bouquets from wonderful floral compan, Bloom & Wild. Read on to find your perfect seasonal flower match!


We all love spring, the time when winter takes its last frosty breath and spring enters with vibrant colours and that lovely fresh breeze. The most common flowers during spring that you can incorporate into your wedding posy are confident daffodils, garden roses, tulips, lilac, lily of the valley, ranunculus and pretty peonies. Opt for a pale and delicate colour scheme or add a pop of yellow and bright pink, to really give that essence of spring.

We chose The Andy as our face of spring, priced at an affordable £28.



The summer, a time we all long for, isn’t it a good idea to find those flowers that remind us of those sweet summer afternoons? with the smell of fresh flowers in the warm breeze. Blissful bouquets can be made with freesia, sweet peas, cosmos, clematis, poppies, sunflowers and country fox gloves. To grasp the colours of summer, lean on the brighter, warmer side of the colour wheel, or use pops of pale purple and pinks to add an essence of country summer garden. You can choose an array of colours with a summer bouquet, which is ideal!

For our summer beauty, we went for The Frankie, priced at £65.



We think that autumn is an underrated season, having your wedding in autumn gives you the best of both worlds, not too warm, not too cold, the sun isn’t too harsh and you get that golden lighting for photos. The flowers that pop up in autumn are also nothing short of a dream, with gorgeous hydrangeas, chrysanthemums, dahlias, amaranthus, gerbera, asters and unusual Protea. How about choosing a rustic colour palette? with rusts, orange and beige and maybe a pop of deep red to echo the rich vitality of autumn.

We chose The Sinéad for our autumn pick, at £50, this dried stunner is well-worth it!



It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Don’t forget about those precious winter florals on your wedding day. If you’re having your nuptials during Christmas time, don’t skimp on those winter themed flowers for your bouquet, there’s a wide array of beautiful choices such as the Christmas rose, amaryllis, astilbe, hyacinth, hellabores, anemone and sassy pussy willow. Your colour palette can range from a pale white colour scheme to a bright red with royal green foliage. Go all out with your winter wedding by incorporating seasonal winter flowers in your wedding bouquet.

For our pretty winter stems we chose The Grace for it's effortless beauty, priced at a modest £38, it's a steal!

Whichever season you get married in, consider adding elements of the seasons into your bouque, we assure you, you won't be disappointed.



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