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Destination Weddings in Santa Fe

Rustic barn weddings in New Mexico are a country lover’s dream. Linda Blamer, Owner of Blame Her Ranch in Santa Fe, reveals why they’re so special.


Why have a destination wedding in Santa Fe, New Mexico?


Destination weddings are fantastic!  But, if you want to make your destination wedding something special, you will need to find a location that offers activities in and around the venue. Millennials want to shake things up and provide their guests and wedding party with a list of activities to make that three or five-day destination wedding something truly memorable.

I can only tell you about our experience here in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The first thing you should know is that Santa Fe has received numerous accolades Everything from being the 6th friendliest city in the US to the 10th best US city for shopping. 

Santa Fe was selected by many magazines for weddings and honeymoons, but we suggest looking  beyond the obvious when picking a town or area for your destination wedding. The objective here is to give your guests a handful of different activities, restaurants, museums and other cultural locations beyond what the wedding itself will offer.  


Things to do in Santa Fe


Historic Santa Fe Plaza. Visit the hundreds of shops and world-renowned restaurants to enjoy. 

Galleries and Museums. Santa Fe offers over 200 galleries and museums with leading artists from O’Keeffe to Remington.

Fly Fishing. Within a half-hour drive of the ranch, there is a champion fly fishing centre directly on the Pecos River. Even beginners can pull an 18-inch rainbow trout out of these friendly waters.

Opera. Santa Fe’s outdoor opera house is known throughout the country for its summer night operas and fun tailgate parties.

Skiing. While most of our weddings are in the spring and summer, the town of Santa Fe offers skiing that is both convenient and lots of fun.

Hot Air Ballooning. All over the world, Santa Fe is known for its hot air ballooning.  We offer many professionals that will take you “up up and away”.

River Rafting. Take the whole family, wedding party or selected guests on a four-hour rafting trip down the Rio Grande River.

Alpine Hiking. Santa Fe is at approximately a 7,000-foot elevation so there are hundreds of hiking trails throughout the Pecos wilderness, just 20 minutes from the ranch.  

Birdwatching. With the right guide, bird watching at our ranch and throughout the Santa Fe National Forest is a surprising and educational activity.

Wilderness Adventures. There are 4x4 excursions for groups of six to eight through the many trails within the Santa Fe National Forest.

Mountain Biking. We offer both mountain and electric bike excursions throughout the ranch and adjacent acres.

Spa day. There are several amazing spas in Santa Fe, but for a personal touch, have private massage therapists come to the ranch and take advantage of our cauldron hot tub, dry sauna and lap pool for couples or groups.

Horseback riding. You better have horses if you own a ranch. Local ranchers help us offer group rides on the ranch and beyond.

While we believe that Blame Her Ranch speaks for itself with its accommodations, venues and breathtaking views, without offering the many activities above, we would be just another mountain wedding venue in New Mexico. We hope you will take a closer look at our ranch, but more importantly, when you plan your destination wedding, make sure to explore what the location offers within at least an hour’s drive.

Whether you’re 2 miles away or 20,000 miles away, you can see Blame Her Ranch by taking a virtual tour.

Find out more about Blame Her Ranch at

Words by Special Features Editor, Linda Blamer


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