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Advice From a Royal Wedding Florist

Lavender Green Flowers, the Royal wedding florist behind Pippa Middleton and Sophie Wessex’s bouquets, fills us in on all things floral…


Renowned as one of London’s finest florists, Lavender Green Flowers’ passion for imaginative arrangements has led them to worldwide success. Using seasonal flowers and sustainable designs, they craft thoughtful installations that reflect each and every couple. Here, we interview the team for top tips on how to create timeless, royal inspired floral arrangements.

Royal family wedding bouquets tend to lead the latest floral trends. Which styles have endured over time?


“The main theme that has lasted is exquisitely delicate bridal bouquets, particularly wired designs full of fragrant Lily of the Valley and Stephanotis, adding scent as well as style. Royal Wedding floral arrangements also have lots of abundant British foliage. We love the simplicity of an avenue of Birch Trees and elegant garden urns overflowing with Honeysuckle, Beech and Whitebeam guiding the way to the ceremony.”

Myrtle, the herb of love, is often used in Royal bouquets. Are there any other meaningful flowers that you like to incorporate?


“More than anything we are led by our couple’s wishes, whether that’s a bloom from a beloved family garden or touches of a favourite colour or fragrance of a departed loved one. Personally, we love the story behind Rosemary. It was carried by brides in Victorian times to symbolise bringing memories from their old family homes into their new marital homes, so it’s very poignant.”

Scent plays a huge factor in creating an immersive event experience. Are there any specific flowers you recommend for creating a beautiful wedding fragrance?


“So many! Blousy English Garden Roses give a sweet, nostalgic summer fragrance, whilst Freesias and Tuberose are the perfect pairings for classic and glamorous black-tie affairs due to their clean floral fragrance. For the festive season, we recommend the scent of mixed Pine foliage with dried Citrus and Cinnamon to really make your venue pop. In terms of visual aesthetics, consider trailing Jasmine, Eucalyptus or Geranium Leaf for an understated but beautifully fragrant design.”

If couples don’t know where to start, how do you provide them with creative inspiration?


“The first thing we do is ask them for their ‘words’! This can be anything from how they want their wedding day to feel to how they would describe their personal style. This is more beneficial to us than themes or colours as we can then transform their venue with a range of flowers and foliage that suit them best. Our range of techniques, including sketching designs and using floorplans to layout their day, often changes our couples from arriving apprehensive to leaving excited.” 

Sustainable floristry is a rising consideration in the wedding industry, what eco-friendly initiatives do you support?


“Sustainable practice is something we are proud to have championed for a number of years across the four aspects of our business: Design, Purchase, Legacy and Waste. We do things such as offering foam-free designs or living designs so that they can be planted or re-used, as well as using seasonal flowers from British growers wherever possible. We are particularly proud of our expanding donation initiative, which sees preloved designs donated to local charities. It has even led to projects like building of an educational allotment at a local children’s mental health hospital. We love to give back to our community in any way that we can.”

What up-and-coming floristry trends do you foresee for the 2023 wedding season?


“We are seeing a lot of bold colour choices and edge-to-edge florals combined with dried elements such as Miscanthus, bleached Ruscus and Honesty for an ethereal edge. We also think there is a movement towards creating statement areas of design around your venue rather than dressing every surface. These ‘wow’ moments could include things like a candlelit woodland walkway up the aisle or an overhead canopy enveloping guests in flowers. 

Also, expect lots of experimenting with floral structures, such as transforming the usual arch shape into bespoke masses of foliage to artistically frame the couple. This might be cloud-like designs of wispy Astilbe and Waxflower or hundreds of vases of tied stems to create something chic and architectural. It’s all about those ‘wow’ moments in 2023 and we can’t wait to be part of it!”

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