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Why Couples Love Going to Rhodes

Looking for some reasons to choose Rhodes for your honeymoon? Check out our 10 reasons to choose this gorgeous location!

Some might say that Greece, and specifically the Greek islands, is the ultimate honeymoon destination. There is no need to settle for one island, but if you do, we’d like to recommend Rhodes as a fail-safe island that is practically designed for romance. We are talking jaw-dropping scenery, all-year round sun that sinks into your bones.

With mouth-watering menus designed to have you savouring every last forkful and plenty of activities to keep your body going while your mind relaxes.

This is Rhodes, which has long been the haunt of deserted travellers, for it’s eclectic, heady mix of culture, adventure and gastronomy.


The beauty of Rhodes is that you can do as much or as little as you please. Sensationally romantic, yet lovingly down-to-earth, Rhodes offers spectacular scenery, ancient towns, stunning properties and miles and miles of deserted coves and coastline.


Lindos is a picturesque village – an acropolis – that comes straight from a picture postcard. Once the home of many a writer, artists and aged rock musician, Lindos is the sort of place that it’s cool to be in, but not for appearance’s sake. The village’s elaborate villas boast black and white-pebble mosaic courtyards, warrens of rooms, steps and roof terraces, of which ae bathed in the sun’s rays at various points of the day. Lindos has changed little today from yesteryear, when its regular visitors would invariably end up returning or even staying, such is its allure.


The Old Town is well worth exploring on foot. Steep cobbled lanes, boutique cafés, sights to see and history to soak up. There are beautiful gardens, too, the haven of cumquat and orange, which are sweet-smelling – in fact the air is filled with a treat for your senses in Rhodes. Cypress and myrtle trees surround the quaint little building, chapels… the Old Town delights from every angle.


Petaloudes – valley of the butterflies – is probably Rhodes’ most popular tourist attraction. There stands the Zitia tree, rarely seen anywhere in the world, which hosts millions of butterflies that hang peacefully along the paths, as streams and rolling rivers flow along – butterflies always head for humidity and this spot offers the perfect environment for these awesome soft-winged creatures.

We recommend a visit to Tsambika – a tiny cliff-top church, which offers up far-reaching, awe-inspiring views of Rhodes’ south-west coast.


Actor Anthony Quinn loved Greece so much that he bought a bit of it, specifically this isolated bay in Rhodes – Anthony Quinn Bay. The azure water, peppered with yachts, attracts visitors for the photographic opportunities and tends to be family-free – so potentially more romantic than some.


Kamiros, the ancient city, is well worth a visit – it lies on the north-western shore of Rhodes. Rhodes is blessed with beautiful treasures like this: ancient monuments, awe-inspiring architecture and some of the most visited acropolis in the whole of Greece.


Just beyond the village of Eleoussa, hidden in the verdant, mountainous interior of the island is nestled Agios Nikolaos Foundoukli - a charming little chapel, Byzantine by build, dating back to the 15th century. Perched high on the hillside, it’s well worth a visit.


The west coast of Rhodes offers up hiking and adventure. It’s relatively untouched and the scenery – especially the seascape – is a sight to behold.


To drink… Forget ouzo for a minute, you can’t go far wrong with a bottle of Mandilari, a rich and deep, tannin-heavy red, which is produced using the indigenous local grape Mandilaria, which tastes of sour cherry and blackcurrant. You won’t find these wines much outside of Greece, so pick up a couple of bottles to take home as gifts to your connoisseur peers. The vineyards are scattered over the lower, south-facing sloped of Rhodes’ highest mountain, Mount Attavyros.


Finally… what lies beneath? We recommend seeing what Rhodes looks like underwater, with some of the best scuba diving in the world. Head for Kallithea Springs (worth a visit alone) with its pebble-stones mosaic pathways and white-domed buildings. The small sandy beach is popular with discerning locals with its café and luxury loungers. Here you will find scuba and snorkelling so that you can see Rhodes in its full glory.


1. The sights, the sounds


Rhodes boasts a vast array of ancient monuments, awe-inspiring architecture as well as the second most-visited acropolis in Greece.


2. The sun always shines…

Apparently Rhodes is the sunniest part of Greece, meaning that you are pretty much guaranteed the warm sun on your back during your visit.


3. It’s clean, it’s safe


Crime is low and the streets are clean. It’s the sort of place that you would feel safe walking around alone in it night.


4. The locals

Friendly, hospitable and welcoming, the People of Rhodes are always a joy to be with and around. They care about your time on their island


5. See and do

The sea is your playground, and it’s warm enough to swim off the coast nearly all year round. There's some great diving, windsurfing, kite surfing and hiking through valleys, mountains and past Medieval castles – all so beautiful!


6. A feast with friends

Visit deserted beaches and beautiful coves, enjoy a feast with your friends and family the night before your wedding. Eat, drink, relax, enjoy!


7. By night

Delicious Greek food, Ouzo, live music, dancing and fun. The ancient cobbled streets come alive at night and the good times run late into the night


8. Decisions, decisions

There are hundreds of options for accommodation and wedding venues on Rhodes. From a simple outdoor celebration to the grandest of affairs in lavish hotels – Rhodes is eclectic and versatile, leaving you spoilt for choice


9. Romantic Rhodes

The island oozes romance, and it’s impossible not to fall in love all over again when you’re surrounded by Rhodes in all of its beauty


10. The Dream Team

Greece is blessed with some of the best wedding suppliers in the world, from planners to caterers. I mean have you ever smashed a plate for fun?!

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