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Quirky Evening Food Ideas

The formal part of the day is over and the evening celebrations have come, so let your hair down, put on those comfy flats and indulge with these fun, quirky evening food ideas!

Food is one part of the day that your guests will remember, for better or (unfortunately) for worse! Make it a good memory with these exciting ideas for quirky evening food and get everyone involved with DIY stations and fabulous food trucks!

Food Trucks

Let your guests have their pick of which cuisine they want by hiring food trucks to serve dishes to your guests. Ideal for a festival style wedding, food trucks give you the comfort of taking the food off your to-do list, all you need to decide is which cuisines you're going to choose!

Afternoon Tea

Although not necessarily what you think of when it comes to an evening meal, an afternoon tea is a great way to finish off a summer garden party wedding. With a tempting selection of scones, pastries, sandwiches and, of course, numerous cups of tea, your guests will appreciate this civilised occasion before the chaos of the dancefloor ensues! 

DIY Pasta Station

Everyone loves Italian cuisine and it's sure to be a crowd pleaser at your wedding, but switch up the usual woodfired pizzas and lasagne dishes by creating your own DIY pasta station filled with a selection of pasta shapes, sauces and toppings. This will be so much fun for everyone and will ensure those fussy eaters can eat in peace!


Subject to the changeable British weather, as all UK weddings are, a picnic is a relaxed alternative to get everyone outside and resting those aching feet! You can either pre-pack picnic baskets with wine and bread for groups of guests to have or let guests pack their own baskets with a picnic table brimming with cheese and grapes for them to create their own customised spread!


Who says brunch is just for breakfast? If this is your favourite meal of the day then serve some brunch classics for your evening spread. We're thinking eggs benedict, rashers of smoky bacon and grilled tomatoes, followed by fluffy pancakes for dessert. Make mini brunch-style canapés for the ultimate grab-and-go treat to give you a boost on the dancefloor!

Nacho Station

If Mexican cuisine is more your speed, then why not set up a nacho station with tortilla chips, salsas, cheese and bacon bits to create a customisable plate for your guests. With your loved ones able to control their portions and toppings, the only thing they'll need to worry about is the spice level from those chillies! 


If you're looking for some more wedding food inspiration then check out this article on delicious vegan wedding food ideas.


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