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Podcast Episode 1

We are happy to share the first episode dedicated to wedding planning with Charlotte Ricard-Quesada from La Fête...


How To Plan a Wedding with La Fête


Emily Williams from the Weddings & Honeymoons Media’s editorial team sat down with Charlotte Ricard-Quesada from La Fête to discuss wedding planning and so much more! In this first episode of Weddings & Honeymoons brand new Podcast, you’ll learn all about the role of the wedding planner and you’ll understand the importance of having a professional by your side. Charlotte Ricard-Quesada, with years of experience under her belt, explains how the planning process works and gives expert advice to couples on how to start navigating the world of weddings. If you are in desperate need of advice and haven’t yet started on your planning journey, this episode will give you enlightening insight into the wedding world. For more information, visit her webpage here:

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