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7 Ways to Include Pets at Your Wedding

How to include pets in weddings


Your dog wearing a flower crown, your cat acting as ring bearer, your tortoise setting the pace down the aisle… There are heaps of ways to get your favourite non-humans involved at your wedding, and quite right – they are family, too. Obviously you will have to check with your venue that pets are allowed, or maybe you have chosen your venue so that you can arrive on horseback or have your dogs running around as you dance – either way, here are some things you may not have thought of:


1. Stationery and beyond

If you are known for your love of your pets or even defined by it, have them built into your big-day branding – from the stationery to the table plan, there are lots of ways that you can acknowledge their significance in your life. Why not even sign the invites from your pet, too!


2. Dress them up for the day

The cutest thing is a dog in a flower crown. No contest. But what about a bow tie or even a little jacket to co-ordinate with the bridal party? 


3. Include them in the photos

A family photo isn’t complete without them, right? Make sure your photographer is comfortable with it, of course, and hand the dog over to trusted family or friends or a professional pet carer after you’ve got the shot so that you know they're in good hands. 


4. By your side

Will your dog walk with you down the aisle, or will it wait with your partner to be, at the end of the aisle, all excited to see you? Either way, this is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face!


5. Make an entrance

What could be more perfect than your beloved horse delivering you down the aisle? If this isn’t possible, you have to have some shots of you in your gown on your horse for a treasured memory.


6. With care

There are some brilliant, professional pet care business who specialise in weddings, or who are happy to give up their weekends to events like these. Whatever you do, don’t leave your dog or cat at home alone while you are celebrating.


7. Mention them in the ceremony

One of the simplest ways to include your pets in your wedding is to mention them in your ceremony, either in your vows or by dedicating a message to them, such as in poem form.


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