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7 Mother of The Bride Style Tips

Are you a Mother of the Bride and wondering what the style etiquette is for the mum nowadays? We have some style tips to consider for your daughter's big day.

Throughout history, the Mother of the Bride style went hand in hand with wedding etiquette, and the image of the Mother of the Bride was a matronly, older woman ready for grandchildren, and so had to wear washed out demure ensembles, which thankfully has changed in recent years.

Now, the Mother of the Bride can wear bright colours, and styles that closely echo that of the bride’s dress. After all, the mother is the second most important woman on the wedding day, and should be able to wear a fashionable, modern dress.

We can now give updated styling advice for the Mothers of the Bride, so that they can feel flawless and fashionable on the all-important day.


1. Ask the bride

The best way to ensure your MOB ensemble will be a good fit on the wedding day is to ask the bride for an idea of what vision she has in mind, whether that’s a muted colour scheme or bright pops of colour. Or whether there’s a specific theme in mind, such as country, boho or a formal black-tie event.


2. Current Fashion Trends

Have a look at the most recent fashion trends, maybe follow a few bridal accounts to see if they have any current styles that interest you. Consider a more modern two-piece ensemble such as an a-line skirt and balloon sleeved blouse, or an updated suit.


3. Practice Hair and Makeup

It’s a good idea to practice your makeup and hair looks beforehand so that you can get used to the look and feel more comfortable when the big day arrives. You should do this as far in advance as possible in case you want to change it up or do something different entirely.


4. Mani-Pedi

Consider having a manicure and pedicure in preparation, this should be done as close to the date as possible so that they stay neat and fresh. In addition, you could have a pamper session and have a facial, massage and wax.


5. Read the Room

It’s important to dress appropriately for the venue, to avoid any shock or embarrassment. Although MOB style has relaxed and anything goes nowadays, it’s still important to wear something appropriate for the venue, for example, if your daughter is getting married in a church, you probably won’t want to wear a busty, revealing number.


6. Choose Complementing Accessories

To embrace the Mother of the Bride style, you might want to choose complementing accessories such as a similar hue of shoe as your dress, or matching earrings and a necklace. Or even rings and bracelets. It’s tradition for the Mother of the Bride to wear a hat or a fascinator, so pay homage and opt for one. Plus, they are more modern nowadays and can really complement an outfit. Or even consider a “hatinator” which has been seen a lot more lately in Bridal fashion.


7. Flower Power

Alongside the guidance of your bride you could add a complementing posy of flowers, opt for a corsage, or a pin-on corsage as this is the most popular choice for Mother of the Brides.


We hope some of these style tips help navigate you through choosing your gorgeous Mother of the Bride ensemble.

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