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5 Reasons to Have a Micro Wedding

Considering a micro wedding? Not sure what a micro wedding entails? Read on and ask yourself some important questions when considering if a micro wedding is right for you.

What is a micro wedding?


Overall, a micro wedding is everything that a traditional wedding entails, just on a smaller scale. You still have everything a typical wedding has such as a ceremony, reception, first dance, etc. Anything less than 75 is counted as a micro wedding, allowing for a cosy, intimate ceremony.

If you’re wondering if a micro wedding is the right choice for you or not, ask yourself these helpful questions and if you answer yes to most of them then maybe it is the right choice but if you answer no to most of the questions, perhaps a micro wedding isn’t the best choice for you.


1. Do you get overwhelmed in social settings?

A lot of people who choose a micro wedding are overwhelmed by the idea of more than 75 wedding guests and they choose a micro wedding due to the fact there’s less people involved, less eyes on them and less people to talk to. Micro weddings are a great choice for people who suffer with social anxiety as there’s a lot less pressure on them as opposed to a traditional wedding.



2. Do you hate being the centre of attention?

On your wedding day, you’re definitely going to be the centre of attention, if this is something that scares you, perhaps a traditional wedding might not be the best choice. You’ll have all eyes on you as you walk down the aisle, during your vows, the first dance, speeches, the list goes on! Micro weddings are a great way to cut back on this attention.


3. Do you and your partner have large families?

This could be a good deciding factor for whether you have a traditional wedding or a micro wedding. If you and your partner both have large families it can be really difficult to cut back on who’s invited due to everyone being close, it can be hard to invite a small portion of those people without having some drama. This type of wedding probably won’t be a good choice for you if your guestlist includes extended, extended family members!


4. Are you on a tight budget?

If you and your partner both have a tight budget, it can be difficult to get enough funds to cover all the expenses involved with a traditional wedding. Most expenses are due to having a large guest list, the rental costs, the catering costs, beverage costs, decor costs, bridesmaid dresses, etc. This alone could be a deciding factor of whether you have a traditional wedding or a micro wedding.


5. Do you want to be able to connect with all of your guests?

When you have a large wedding, it can be near to impossible to catch up with every single one of your guests, this can leave you with a bad feeling if you’re the type who believes in personal interaction and thanking everyone individually for coming. It’s even more hard to connect with and have a conversation with everyone who’s attending, sometimes not even realising who was able to attend. If the idea of this makes you feel bad then maybe a micro wedding is a good idea, allowing the opportunity to have a conversation and to connect with more of your guests.


Weddings don’t have to be some big extravagant over-the-top event, it can be a lovely thing to have a smaller, more intimate wedding, and that’s where micro weddings are a great option.

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