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Why You Should Consider Laser Hair Removal For Your Wedding

We speak to expert Setsuko Beauty on why more and more brides are investing in laser hair removal for their wedding events.

From the bridal shower to hen party and wedding weekend to your honeymoon, there's a lot of events around your wedding that require you to be looking and feeling your best, and for lots of brides, being hair-free is a big part of this. If you've tried shaving, waxing, hair removal cream or one of the other many temporary hair removal types, and none are working long-term for you, or are leaving you with painful ingrowing hairs or are simply annoying to keep on top of, then we recommend you consider laser hair removal. 

We spoke to expert aesthetic practitioner Setsuko from Setsuko Beauty to ask some important questions and understand the process more.

When should brides start thinking about getting laser hair removal and how long does it take to complete the course?

It depends on the treatment area, but ideally, you need to start 12 months prior to your wedding. For the body area, you will need a minimum of 6-8 sessions every 6-8 weeks. For facial hair, you will need about 12 sessions every 4-6 weeks. 

How does the treatment work and how long does it last?

Laser hair removal targets hair that is attached to the hair follicle. The pigment in the hair called Melanin absorbs the laser light, this generates heat to damage hair follicles in such a way as to inhibit regrowth. Laser hair removal gives up to 90% hair reduction. It is not permanent hair removal because laser hair removal treats the symptom of hair growth but can’t treat hormone balance. Hormones are the biggest cause of hair growth, and that is why some people may need occasional maintenance sessions.

What is the most popular area for brides to get laser hair removal?

At my clinic, facial hair, such as lip & chin, and Hollywood/Brazilian areas are the most popular for brides.

What factors should brides consider when choosing who to have their treatment with?

I think it is important to research what laser machine the clinic uses, the type of laser they intend to treat you with, and what qualifications the practitioners have. I would also check if the laser machine is regularly serviced by an engineer. Not all laser machines are of the same quality, and practitioners’ skills & knowledge are very important factors.

Tried and tested by our resident bride-to-be Art & Marketing Director Beth Eccles, she shares her top tips for fitting laser hair removal into your wedding beauty timeline and how the process worked for her. 

"I arranged my laser hair removal with Setsuko at her professional clinic in Somerset to begin a year before my September 2022 wedding. I had tried laser hair removal in the past but never completed the course of treatments. But with so many wedding events coming up in the following year, I was determined to stick to it to make my life much easier at the events surrounding my big day. I planned out all of the beauty treatments I needed in the run up to my wedding and laser hair removal was first on my list alongside getting a monthly facial plan in place and good skincare regime. I prioritised laser hair removal as I knew shaving and waxing weren't going to be effective for me, I have dark hair that grows back visibily and quickly, so I needed something thar was going to last long-term.

Setsuko uses a laser machine at her clinic that is (almost!) pain-free and a cooling machine to allow the area to be cooled while the laser is working, helping to manage any pain that incurs during the process. I felt incredibly comfortable with Setsuko from the offset, she is a complete professional and does this every day, so you shouldn't feel embarassed or worried in the slightest. Even after the first treatment, I noticed a huge difference and now I have now almost completed my course of 6 treatments and I am so glad I invested in the process. The thickness of hair is reduced, there is no pain when it does grow back and no ingrowing hairs, and I don't have to do any hair removal at home in between appointments. I definitely recommend brides to invest in laser hair removal for your wedding and honeymoon, it's a game changer for me and will be well worth the time spent the year before my wedding."

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