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Q&A with Kith & Kin Event Planners

We speak with founder of Kith & Kin; Jane Ackerman and ask her all about being an event planner and floral design company.

Founder Jane Ackerman, tells us about the origins of Kith & Kin and what makes them different from other event design companies…

Tell us a little bit about Kith & Kin?

We are a small events design and management company, based in the heart of Vermont. Our name “Kith & Kin” is actually an Old English phrase that describes your friends and family; the very people you want with you for life’s significant events. We are a small dedicated team, devoted to turning your wedding dreams into a reality. 


Why did you choose to get into the wedding industry? 

Well, after I finished college, I began working in a number of independent bookstores, but I soon learned that the only way to advance in retail would be to own my own bookstore. After this, I took on a series of jobs at Dartmouth Medical School and was drafted by the school’s fundraising office to run a special project, putting together events in far-flung locations. In the process, I found I had the natural skills for successful fundraising; namely the ability to organise details and the ability to understand people’s priorities. Whilst doing this, I realised that I would rather work for myself, and weddings just seemed to be natural match and also satisfied my desire for creativity. 


How would you describe your style?

One of my greatest pleasures is cultivating relationships with my clients, finding out what is truly important to them and the helping them create the celebration of their dreams. In terms of design, I see weddings as an experience for all the senses and try to delight every one of them. I lean towards using the most beautiful flowers, employing amazing lighting, soft linens, exquisite printed items and other aesthetic elements, to bring the entire piece together. All whilst taking care not to impose my tastes on the clients. My goal is to realise their aesthetic and vision. 


We love concept of “encore weddings”, can you tell us about any other special services you have available for couples?

I have to say, Encore weddings has become the most touching and heartfelt part of Kith & Kin. Mature couples are open and always delighted to have found love again. They know what really matters, aren’t as attached to conventional traditions. However, one of the most useful tools I can offer couples is a highly detailed Timeline of the weekend. The Timeline maps out at what time and where every element will take place, and who will be there to manage it. Once the couple has had a chance to review every item, I email the final version to the vendors, the wedding party and the families the week of the wedding. On the Day-of, my team and I, have hard copies on hand for reference. Having the Timeline takes a lot of the anxiety away for everyone involved. 

Location: Vermont



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