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How to Style the Top Wedding Tablescape!

Ensure you are top of the table with these three tablescape themes ideal for your big day, from bright blousy florals to monochrome stationery suites, here are our top tips for successfully achieving the look…

Tablescapes are a huge part of wedding décor now, displaying everything from flowers and stationery to cake and runners, every couple wants that sought-after tablescape snap encapsulating their chosen theme. We’ve chosen some our favourite wedding themes to inspire you and help you capture the look so you can have the top table of all.

Bohemian Coastal Chic

Rebecca Carpenter Photography

There’s no denying that boho themes are sweeping the wedding market and we’re witnessing an influx of Ibiza style décor with modern pampas grasses and on-trend rustic textures. To take this theme to the next level we love the mix of bohemian and coastal décor, transporting you and your guests to a beachside paradise!

Obviously, the colour palette stays neutral for this theme. Beige isn’t boring anymore! Mix sand, oat and tan colours for the ideal bohemian theme and swatches of these colours helps tie in the coastal theme by reflecting the silky sands of the beach. Shells are also a great way to combine boho and coastal themes, scatter them throughout your tablescape in differing shapes and styles. Get shell illustrations printed onto your neutral stationery to help tie everything together.

You can warm up a bohemian tablescape with gold cutlery and candleholders to add a bit of shine and lift to what can be quite a dull, matte theme. We are also loving pops of blue within this theme to bring in the azure seas of the coast, whether that’s flashes of navy on your menus, baby blue candles or even lilac thistles within your blooms to bridge the gap between beige and blue. 

A bohemian theme is all about texture as this helps to break up a muted colour palette. Mix woven seagrass placemats with linen napkins for your dinner to give a tropical vibe to your table settings as you blend soft and harsh textures to create depth. We also love the idea of flooding your venue with wooden lanterns and cage-style lightshades rather than the glistening chandeliers you usually see at weddings, a boho theme is all about being carefree. However, we understand it’s difficult to create a ‘carefree’ look in a situation where there is so much planning and care, just try to aim for a lack of structure and avoid harsh lines or statement colours, go for soft layers of neutral colours and you can’t go far wrong! It’s your wedding so there’s no ‘rules’ remember! 

Shell Collection by Paige & Co

For your blooms, use plenty of grasses and wildflowers to capture that free and easy look. Pampas grass is very much on-trend at the moment, have it bursting from your bouquet, hanging from arty installations and displayed around a photo backdrop for a fabulous photobooth. Bunnytail grass also adds a fun touch and some height to your tablescape. To tie in the lapping waves of the sea feature grape hyacinth buds and light blue delphiniums within your tablecentres for the ultimate boho coastal look.


Bright & Beautiful


Your wedding is the happiest day of your life so reflect that joy in your décor by having a bright and colourful theme. With vivid blooms jutting out from every surface and colourful accessories scattered across your table, your tablescape is guaranteed to pop!

The main feature we see on a bright tablescape are the vibrant flowers. They’re an effective way to garner colour onto your table, whether it’s individual posies on each place or huge displays running down the centre of the table. The flower availability for your wedding may depend on when in the year you hold your day and to keep the planet in mind we recommend only using blooms that are in season. Bright roses and peonies are a wedding classic, whether it’s pops of pink or deep red, they are a great way to represent the love you have for eachother. It’s up to you whether you embrace a myriad of rainbow colours or keep it in a general theme, such as autumn hues of red poppies and orange dahlias or blousy blues and purples, just make sure it’s bright!

A great way to add colour to a tablescape is within the soft styling. Many couples opt for a crisp, white tablecloth for a classic look, but you can amp this up with colourful accessories. Bright fabric napkins can reflect your wedding colours or you could match a colourful table runner to your bridesmaid gowns to create an overarching theme under one shade. Tie vivid velvet ribbons around your napkins, flowers or menu to add another splash of colour, find any opportunity to inject a bright shade and you can’t go far wrong.

Larry Walshe

One of our favourite ways to have a bright and beautiful tablescape for your wedding meal is to include candles within your décor. Whether you go for dainty tealights or elegant tapered candles, they all come in a wide range of colours to match your desired style. Match tall yellow candles with orange candleholders for a sunny look or have a lilac tealight holder to match your theme. You could even have a structural candelabra in the middle of the top table to create a statement centrepiece. 

When it comes to deciding on a wedding colour, we recommend fitting it in with your theme, venue and personal taste. If you want to go bright, make sure there are bridges between each colour so it all blends together. Think of it as a spectrum and don’t forget the importance of having neutral areas to make the vivid colours really sing!


Modern Monochrome

Sometimes the tried and tested favourites are really the best option for your wedding and a monochrome theme ensures your day is classy and elegant. The juxtaposition between the black and white keeps your décor eye catching and means everything from the ivory dress to the black brogues are all going to match.

Monochrome weddings perfectly match the traditional elements of a wedding day. There’s a reason why the couple traditionally wear a white dress and a black tux, they complement eachother wonderfully, so why not dress your table the same way? The best part is that with a monochrome tablescape you can stick to custom with crisp white tablecloths, napkins and china for a classic look or you can invert the colour scheme and have striking black table runners and cutlery, you just need to find a balance between the two so one colour is not dominating the other. 

Stationery is a great way to make a statement on your tablescape. Rectangle menus with monogrammed black text on parchment is a classic design to present to your guests, layer them with vellum covers or black ribbon for an extra touch. Pair the table setting with a black plate charger and smoked glass wine glasses in a charcoal hue to contrast your white soft furnishings. 

A must-have for wedding tables now is to have a table dedicated to your cake surrounded by smaller bite-size treats for your guests. Black and white cakes are a great way to make a statement and we’re seeing more structural designs take centre stage in the cake world, think layers of cube-shaped tiers and editorial flowers, iced or real! Pure white wedding cakes date back to the Victorian times as a sign of wealth so indulge in this tradition for a classic style. 

A monochrome scheme can be a bit restricting when it comes to flowers, but keeping it simple is best. White orchids are an elegant way to incorporate blooms into your day, place them in sculptural vases along your tables or put a bloom on each place setting to complement your menu and plate charger. Of course, roses are a classic wedding flower and a white rose scheme is ideal for that traditional wedding look. If you’re only having white flowers, experiment with texture instead, blend peonies, daisies and gypsophila for volume and interest in your tablecentres. 

With accessories available in every colour these days, go bold with black candles and plates, as with all our suggested tablescape themes, commit to the theme and you’re guaranteed to have the top tables of all!


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